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Aquatic Center Marketing epub

Aquatic Center Marketing epub

$34.00 USD


Product Format

    If you need to make a big impact in promoting and growing your aquatic facility, then you need Aquatic Center Marketing. Written by an industry veteran whose novel approach to marketing has garnered numerous national and international awards, this book delivers practical, affordable, and innovative marketing ideas for any new or existing aquatic facility, of any type and size.

    Whether you work for a municipal pool or a commercial property, the tried-and-tested techniques in Aquatic Center Marketing can help your facility flourish:

    • Increase membership

    • Reenergize attendance to keep guests coming back for more

    • Establish your facility’s image in the community

    • Reinforce the value of aquatics as an enjoyable lifelong activity

    You’ll find chapters on topics such as brand management, market development, guest communications, and how to be effective with limited funding. Learn how the design and signage in your facility can work to excite guests and keep them coming back throughout the season. Understand how to get the most out of your electronic and social media efforts and how to use fun events and themes to attract specific audiences. Then see real-life examples in case studies and stories that demonstrate the practical solutions in action.

    Create memorable experiences for your guests and make your aquatic facility a success. Aquatic Center Marketing is full of realistic, practical ideas that anyone managing an aquatic facility can quickly put to good use to grow the facility and increase the bottom line.


    Managers and marketing personnel of aquatic centers and facilities, water parks, and aquatic clubs, as well as lakefront operators and park district superintendents.

    Judith Leblein Josephs has more than 40 years of experience working in a variety of roles related to aquatic facility management. She is a featured speaker at state, national, and international aquatics conferences and training seminars and has a knack for making learning a memorable and enjoyable event.

    After 20 years in the public sector, Josephs was with Water Technology Inc. for 12 years as their marketing and operations consultant. She has served as an operations coach for dozens of facilities of all sizes, both municipal and privately owned properties, and in 2006, she formed her own consulting business, Judith Leblein Josephs Enterprises LLC. She has clients across the country, including the City of Providence, Rhode Island, and all of the aquatic venues for the Salvation Army Eastern Territory.

    Josephs knew that she would someday return to the public sector, and in 2007 she was recruited by the City of Summit, New Jersey, to serve as their director of community programs. She had a role on the design team that renovated the community pool, now known as the Summit Family Aquatic Center. Recognized with Aquatics International’s 2014 Best of Marketing Award, the Summit Family Aquatic Center’s mascot, Shark Diddy, graced the cover of the magazine.

    Josephs’ specialty in marketing, promotions, and television and radio production has proven quite valuable to all of her employers and clients. She has an unprecedented 12-time record of winning the Speaker of the Year distinction from the World Waterpark Association (WWA), and she was inducted into the WWA Hall of Fame in 2003. In addition to numerous WWA Splash Marketing Awards and Industry Innovation Awards, she received the WWA Board of Director’s Award in 2011.

    She has also helped launch hundreds of new aquatic venues as the instructor of WWA’s Ready, Set, Go! A Guide to Getting Started program. Her how-to lists and articles published in major industry publications are used by aquatic operators worldwide.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    The best resource for building your brand!

    It is harder than ever to get the right message to your community about your aquatic facility. Jedith Leblein Joseph's Aquatic Center Marketing provides innovative and budget-friendly practical ideas about what to do (and not to do!) to build your brand and become known as a premier facility - regardless of your size. A strong brand also helps build staff morale and retention. Five stars!

    Christine Palma
    A must have for your Aquatics toolbox!

    This is a must have if you are in an aquatics facility. My copy is filled with post its and dog ears so I can go back again and again. This book is filled with proven ideas and concepts that work in every facility large or small. Judith's experience in this field is unmatched.

    John Roche
    Highly Recommended Reading!

    When I think Aquatic Centers – I think Judith Leblein Josephs. Her experience, knowledge, and insights make this book a go to for any professional operating an aquatic venue. With her characteristic practicality, Leblein Josephs shows the way to make your facility even better! Would highly recommend Aquatic Center Marketing!

    Shawn Bowman
    Excellent Examples

    Colorful real-world marketing examples that show what really works (and what doesn’t) for waterparks and aquatic facilities of all sizes. Judith shares interesting ideas and many case examples to show how to build successful marketing initiatives. Through her best practice insight and practical applications, there are many kernels of wisdom to implement immediately.

    Lou Cirigliano
    So many wonderful ideas!

    I keep this book near my desk. It has SO MANY great ideas and thoughts that it is an invaluable recourse for me to plan my season each year!