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Social Media of Sport Custom Ebook: Rio Hondo College (Woods)

Social Media of Sport Custom Ebook: Rio Hondo College (Woods)

$35.00 USD

Product Format

    This custom ebook includes chapters from Social Issues in Sport, Third Edition. It is specifically designed for students taking the course, Social Media of Sport at Rio Hondo College.
    What Is Sport and Why Do We Study It?
    Sport Through the Ages
    Definition of Sport
    Study of Sport
    Chapter Summary
    Participants Versus Spectators
    Sport Participants
    Factors Affecting Sport Participation
    Trends in Sport Participation
    Sport Spectators
    Trends in Spectator Sports
    Chapter Summary
    Media and Sport
    Evolution of Sport Media
    Interplay of Sport and Media
    How Sport Affects the Media
    Ideology of Sport Through the Media
    Careers in Sport Media
    Chapter Summary
    Youth Sport
    History of Youth Sport
    Sponsors of Youth Sport
    Privatization of Youth Sport
    Current Status of Youth Sport
    Organized Youth Sport
    Why Kids Participate—and Stop Participating—in Sport
    Burnout in Youth Sport
    Reforms for Youth Sport
    Chapter Summary
    International Sport
    Globalization of Modern Sport
    U.S. Influence on World Sport
    Olympic Games
    Media Effects on the Globalization of Sport
    Nationalism Versus Economics
    Athletes and Coaches as Migrant Workers
    Using Sport for Better World Understanding
    Chapter Summary
    Sporting Behavior
    Sporting Behavior at Different Levels of Sport
    Youth Attitudes
    Development of Moral Values
    Moral Values Applied to Sport
    Moral Values Taught Through Sport
    Strategies for Good Sporting Behavior
    Chapter Summary
    Women and Sport
    Historical Role of Women
    Women and Sport Before Title IX
    Title IX
    Women and Sport After Title IX
    Social Issues in Women’s Sport
    Global Status of Women in Sport
    Barriers for Women in Sport
    Media Coverage of Women’s Sport
    Golden Age of Sport Reborn
    Chapter Summary
    Politics and Sport
    Government Promotion of Physical Activity and Health
    Government in Sport
    Government Promotion of Identity and Unity Among Citizens
    Nationalism and Sport
    Sport and the Promotion of Social Values
    Politics Within Sport
    Chapter Summary
    Violence and Rule Breaking in Sport
    Rule Breaking
    Emotion and Sport
    Aggression and Sport
    Violence in Sport
    Chapter Summary
    Future Trends in Sport
    Social Trends
    Conflict Between Performance Sport and Participation Sport
    Effects of Social Changes
    Effects of Spectatorship
    Effects of Technology
    Effects of the Electronic Media
    Will Sport Change?
    Who Will Lead the Way?
    Who Will Fight for Change?
    Chapter Summary