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Sports Rules Book-4th Edition, The

Sports Rules Book-4th Edition, The

$29.95 USD


Product Format

    The Sports Rules Book offers coaches, players, physical education teachers, youth sport administrators, and sport enthusiasts the information they need to understand and play 64 of today’s most popular sports. Each chapter covers a different sport—the sport’s origin and history, description of the playing area, useful terminology, equipment needs, and essential rules. Selected sports’ coverage also includes officials’ signals and rule modifications to help teachers and sport administrators adapt the sport for younger and less-skilled players. This edition contains updated coverage on most major sports and includes 10 new sports: adventure racing, cornhole, bocce, croquet, horseshoes, kung fu, pickleball, surfing, speed climbing, and stand-up paddleboard racing.

    The chapters are in alphabetical order and contain standardized sections for quick reference. Each chapter is also reviewed and approved by an appropriate governing body or an expert in the sport to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

    With understandable and concise rules for 64 sports, The Sports Rules Book is the all-in-one answer book for teaching and playing most of the world’s most popular sports.

    Chapter 1. Adventure Racing

    Chapter 2. Alpine Skiing

    Chapter 3. Archery

    Chapter 4. Australian Football

    Chapter 5. Badminton

    Chapter 6. Baseball

    Chapter 7. Basketball

    Chapter 8. BMX Racing

    Chapter 9. Bocce

    Chapter 10. Bowling

    Chapter 11. Boxing

    Chapter 12. Canoeing and Kayaking

    Chapter 13. Cheerleading

    Chapter 14. Climbing

    Chapter 15. Cornhole

    Chapter 16. Cricket

    Chapter 17. Croquet

    Chapter 18. Cross Country

    Chapter 19. Cross-Country Skiing

    Chapter 20. Curling

    Chapter 21. Cycling

    Chapter 22. Equestrian

    Chapter 23. Fencing

    Chapter 24. Field Hockey

    Chapter 25. Figure Skating

    Chapter 26. Football

    Chapter 27. Golf

    Chapter 28. Gymnastics

    Chapter 29. Handball

    Chapter 30. Horseshoes

    Chapter 31. Ice Hockey

    Chapter 32. Judo

    Chapter 33. Jujitsu

    Chapter 34. Karate

    Chapter 35. Kung Fu

    Chapter 36. Lacrosse

    Chapter 37. Netball

    Chapter 38. Pickleball

    Chapter 39. Racquetball

    Chapter 40. Rowing

    Chapter 41. Rugby Union

    Chapter 42. Shooting

    Chapter 43. Skateboarding

    Chapter 44. Snowboarding

    Chapter 45. Soccer

    Chapter 46. Softball

    Chapter 47. Speed Skating

    Chapter 48. Squash

    Chapter 49. Stand-Up Paddleboard Racing

    Chapter 50. Surfing

    Chapter 51. Swimming and Diving

    Chapter 52. Synchronized Swimming

    Chapter 53. Table Tennis

    Chapter 54. Taekwondo

    Chapter 55. Team Handball

    Chapter 56. Tennis

    Chapter 57. Track and Field

    Chapter 58. Triathlon

    Chapter 59. Ultimate

    Chapter 60. Volleyball

    Chapter 61. Water Polo

    Chapter 62. Water Skiing

    Chapter 63. Weightlifting

    Chapter 64. Wrestling

    Human Kinetics has been providing the world authoritative information related to physical activity since 1974. That information takes the form of textbooks and their ancillaries, consumer books, journals, online courses, software, and audiovisual products. The information touches the lives of millions of people worldwide who are interested in some form of physical activity. Those people include college students and professors, personal trainers, rehabilitation specialists, athletes, coaches, physical educators, nutritionists, parents, and sedentary people who want to become active.

    Myles Schrag is the founder of Adina Publishing and a former acquisitions and developmental editor at Human Kinetics. He has been involved in sport throughout his life as a participant, fan, coach, and parent. His career also includes experience as a freelance writer, book reviewer, and newspaper editor. His sports writing, youth coaching experience, and all-around interest in sport and physical activity make him uniquely qualified to author this book.

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