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Sport Taping Basics DVD-2nd Edition

Sport Taping Basics DVD-2nd Edition

$50.00 USD


Product Format

    Watch Sport Taping Basics DVD, Second Edition, and have a hall-of-fame athletic trainer conduct a taping workshop just for you. As the perfect complement to the popular text Athletic Taping and Bracing, Third Edition, the DVD provides a simple, straightforward tutorial on using tape to help prevent injuries and to rehabilitate injured athletes.

    Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ATC, teams with Anne Keil, PT, DPT, to demonstrate 32 procedures by showing the entire uninterrupted process of taping a body part. The taping procedure is then shown again to highlight the key steps of the procedure. It includes close-ups and correct positioning of the athletic trainer and athlete, making the demonstrations easy for the viewer to follow. Perrin also demonstrates how to cut, tear, and remove tape.

    Expanded from the previous Sport Taping Basics DVD, the second-edition DVD demonstrates 19 recommended taping procedures for common injuries to the lower body (ankle, foot, leg, knee, hip, and thigh) and 13 procedures for the upper body (shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, and finger). Incorporated into those procedures for the second edition are 11 new strap taping and kinesiology taping techniques. You can select the specific taping procedure you want to review from the DVD menu, making it fast and simple to find the procedure needed.

    Perrin also gives advice on the use of appropriate taping equipment for specific injuries, including when to use elastic or inelastic tape, adhesive spray, moleskin, anchor strips, friction pads, and underwrap. He discusses alternative taping techniques to use for various injuries—for example, how to tape an ankle sprain with an inversion versus an eversion—so the correct procedure can be applied.

    With its concise descriptions and detailed demonstrations, Sport Taping Basics DVD, Second Edition, is a spectacular learning tool for any athletic trainer or sport physical therapist. By practicing these procedures, professionals and students will develop and refine taping techniques that will help protect athletes and clients and accelerate the rehabilitation process.


    Students pursuing a career in athletic training, athletic therapy, or physical therapy; also an ideal reference for professionals in reviewing or learning taping and bracing techniques.

    Lower Body

    1. Acute Ankle Sprain

    2. Ankle—Closed Basketweave

    3. Ankle—Open Basketweave

    4. Ankle—Achilles Tendon

    5. Ankle—Longitudinal Arch and X-Arch

    6. Ankle—Kinesiology Taping for Gastocnemius, Achilles, and Arch Problems

    7. Ankle—Strap Taping Arch Alternative

    8. Foot—Great Toe Sprain

    9. Foot—Bruised Heel

    10. Leg—Shin Splints

    11. Knee—Collateral Ligament and ACL Sprain

    12. Knee—Hyperextension

    13. Knee—Strap Taping Patellar Medial Glide

    14. Knee—Strap Taping Knee Hyperextension Block

    15. Knee—Kinesiology Taping for Anterior Knee or Quadriceps Problems

    16. Hip—Spica

    17. Hip—Kinesiology Taping for Hip Problems

    18. Thigh—Quad Strain

    19. Thigh—Hamstring Strain

    Upper Body

    20. Shoulder—Separated

    21. Shoulder—Spica

    22. Shoulder—Kinesiology Taping Shoulder Laxity

    23. Elbow—Instability

    24. Elbow—Hyperextension

    25. Elbow—Kinesiology Taping for Elbow Hyperextension Laxity

    26. Elbow—Epicondylitis Strapping

    27. Wrist—Hyperflexion and Hyperextension

    28. Wrist—Extension Wrist (Strapping) Block

    29. Thumb—Sprain

    30. Thumb—Kinesiology Taping Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprains (Skier’s Thumb)

    31. Finger—Sprain

    32. Finger—Collateral Ligament

    David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC, FNATA, is provost and executive vice chancellor and professor of kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he previously served as dean of the School of Health and Human Performance. Before going to Greensboro, Perrin directed the athletic training education program at the University of Virginia from 1986 to 2001. His awards from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association include the Sayers “Bud” Miller Distinguished Educator Award, the Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award, the William G. Clancy Medal for Distinguished Athletic Training Research, and induction into the NATA Hall of Fame.

    Perrin is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education. For 13 years, he was also a member of the NATA Professional Education Committee, helping to write the guidelines for accreditation of both undergraduate and graduate athletic training education programs. In 2011, Perrin was elected a fellow of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. He was editor in chief of the Journal of Athletic Training from 1996 to 2004 and was the founding editor of the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. He is author of Isokinetic Exercise and Assessment and Athletic Taping and Bracing, editor of the third edition of The Injured Athlete, and coauthor of Research Methods in Athletic Training.

    In his free time, Perrin enjoys traveling, exercising, and vacationing at his lake cottage in Vermont.

    “This is a thorough, yet easy to navigate and understand educational tool for both entry-level and experienced practitioners. The additions of kinesiology taping and strap taping demonstrations to this edition are welcome and needed.”

    Doody’s Book Review (4-star review)