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Smarter Workouts Ebook With CE Exam

Smarter Workouts Ebook With CE Exam

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    Online Course

    The package components are delivered online:
    • Smarter Workouts ebook
    • Continuing education exam
    Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple Ebook With CE Exam gives you efficient and effective workout programs that use only one piece of equipment. Help your clients work out in a shorter period of time without expensive equipment or gym memberships—all while targeting their personal goals.

    Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult to figure out. In Smarter Workouts, fitness expert Pete McCall explains the effects of exercise on the body so you can identify what will work best for your clients. Then you’ll gain access to fat-burning, core strength, and mobility workouts that will help produce real results.

    Upon completing the book, certified professionals can take the companion CE exam to earn continuing education credits.

    Learning Objectives
    After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:
    • Explain the benefits of mobility training.
    • Create workouts by organizing the variables of exercise program design to improve mobility, core strength, and metabolic conditioning.
    • Identify different pieces of exercise equipment that can be used to design effective and efficient workouts.
    • List the foundational patterns of human movement.
    • Explain the difference between the contractile element and the elastic component of muscle.
    • Describe how fascial structures function as integrated systems to organize and control movement.
    • Demonstrate exercises that can be used to improve stability, mobility, dynamic balance, coordination. and strength.
    • Identify the anatomical components of the core region of the human body.
    • Describe the differences between linear and undulating periodization.
    • Identify effective strategies for recovering from a challenging workout.
    • Demonstrate effective strategies for exercising specific muscles.

    Table of Contents

    Smarter Workouts Table of Contents

    Exercise Finder

    Part I. The Science and Why It Matters
    Chapter 1. How Exercise Changes Your Body
    Chapter 2. Movement and Intensity in Practice

    Part II. Exercises and Workouts
    Chapter 3. Mobility Training
    Chapter 4. Core Strengthening
    Chapter 5. Metabolic Conditioning

    Part III. Get Fit and Stay Fit
    Chapter 6. Designing Your Exercise Program
    Chapter 7. Lifetime Programming

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