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Secrets to Success in Sport & Play-2nd Edition

Secrets to Success in Sport & Play-2nd Edition

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    In Secrets to Success in Sport & Play: A Practical Guide to Skill Development, author Marianne Torbert provides insights into biomechanical principles that will help parents, players, teachers, and coaches understand how to creatively and scientifically improve players’ skills.

    This revised text presents
    • instruction on improving balance—which in turn affects agility, power, and accuracy of movement;
    • guidance in improving the understanding of spins—which can enhance performance in sports such as basketball, tennis, bowling, soccer, and golf;
    • insight into the basic mechanics of movement that can be applied to many sports and play;
    • experiments and activities to hone and develop players’ biomechanical abilities and form problem-solving intuitions and habits that can be used in many sports; and
    • true-or-false questions at the end of each chapter (correct answers are detailed in an appendix) to test readers’ knowledge of the material.
    The engaging text is presented in an easy-to-understand format with more than 100 illustrations that drive home the principles. The secrets to success unfold page by page as you learn about the biomechanical principles involved in acquiring and refining sport skills. Players are excited to learn these skills because they can see improvement as they learn and practice.

    Play can greatly contribute to personal growth and quality of life. It can open doors to social interaction and to enhanced self-confidence. Everyone can learn and improve skills and increase their joy of participating in games and sports. With Secrets to Success in Sport & Play, players will do just that.


    Reference for K-12 physical educators and for youth sport coaches. Supplemental text for college biomechanics courses or PE methods courses.

    Table of Contents


    Part I: Approaching Movement Analysis
    Chapter 1. Teaching and Learning
    Specific Objective Method
    Correcting Errors Method
    Encouraging the Learner
    True or False Review Questions

    Part II: Moving Yourself
    Chapter 2. Balance
    Principles of Balance
    How to Improve Your Balance
    True or False Review Questions

    Chapter 3. Initiating Movement
    Getting Ready to Move
    True or False Review Questions

    Chapter 4. Force
    Force Development
    Force Application
    Absorbing Force
    Lever Length
    True or False Review Questions

    Chapter 5. Preparing Your Body
    Improving Posture
    Strengthening and Toning Muscles
    Correcting Muscle Tightness
    True or False Review Questions

    Part III: Moving Objects
    Chapter 6. Rebound, Deflection, Spins, and Roll Patterns
    Spins, Rebounds, and Roll Patterns
    True or False Review Questions

    Chapter 7. Projectiles
    Principles of Projectiles
    How to Apply Spin to an Object
    The Human Body as a Projectile
    True or False Review Questions

    Chapter 8. Direction and Accuracy
    Factors That Affect Direction and Accuracy
    True or False Review Questions

    Part IV: Improving Analytical Skills
    Chapter 9. Visual Evaluation
    Evaluation Skills and How to Improve Them
    True or False Review Questions

    Chapter 10. Activities to Habituate the Mechanical Principles of Movement
    Game Matrix
    Batting Tee Challenge
    Chaotic Team Juggle
    Frantic Ball
    Golf Tee Challenge
    Living Basketball
    Partner Scoop Play
    Racket and Balloon
    Rag or Rug Hockey
    Rebound Board
    Super Sox
    True or False Review Questions

    Appendix A: Putting It All Together: Some Suggestions on Striking
    Appendix B: How to Make Equipment
    Appendix C: Answers to True or False Review Questions
    About the Author

    About the Author

    Marianne Torbert, PhD, is director of the Leonard Gordon Institute for Human Development Through Play at Temple University in Philadelphia.

    A street athlete at age 6 and a national participant at 16, Torbert has played, studied play, and taught kinesiology for several years. She holds a PhD from the University of Southern California and is a professor emeritus at Temple University. She is also the author of Follow Me: A Handbook of Movement Activities for Children.

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