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Reproductive and Sexual Health Supplemental Chapter-Updated

Reproductive and Sexual Health Supplemental Chapter-Updated



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    Reproductive and Sexual Health is a special supplement to the high school textbooks Health for Life and Health Opportunities Through Physical Education. For local school districts that want to cover the topics of reproductive and sexual health in greater depth than is found in the student texts, this supplement may be purchased separately. NOTE: The content of the Reproductive and Sexual Health special supplement is not duplicated in the student texts Health for Life or Health Opportunities Through Physical Education.

    The two lessons in the special supplement match the format of other chapters found in the student texts and contain the same special elements:
    • Lesson objectives, lesson vocabulary, comprehension checks, and a chapter review
    • Self-assessments
    • Skills for Healthy Living and Making Healthy Decisions sections, which help students learn and practice self-management skills
    • Full-color layout throughout, including medical illustrations and photos
    The Reproductive and Sexual Health supplemental chapter is available in electronic format to teachers via a protected-access teacher web resource for school systems that adopt the student text. Providing electronic access to teachers only allows local districts the flexibility to use local tools exclusively or to use part or all of the supplemental chapter for their sexual health education program. For school systems that want to provide full access to the more in-depth material, this print version of the Reproductive and Sexual Health supplemental chapter provides an economical solution.

    Table of Contents

    Lesson 1
    Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, and the Human Sexual Response
    Sexual Response
    Sexuality Survey
    Lesson 2
    Birth Control, Pregnancy, and Sexually Transmitted Infections
    Making Healthy Decisions
    Skills for Healthy Living