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Pilates 3rd Edition Ebook With CE Exam

Pilates 3rd Edition Ebook With CE Exam

$89.00 USD


Product Format
    The package components are delivered online:
    • Pilates, Third Edition, ebook
    • Continuing education exam
    In Pilates, Third Edition Ebook With CE Exam, world-renowned Pilates expert Rael Isacowitz draws on over four decades of experience to help you tap into the potential of the mind–body connection to effectively train clients. The book starts with the foundation for all the exercises by presenting an in-depth treatment of mat work, including photos, imagery, and detailed instruction on breathing to help you teach the movements correctly. After the mat work, Pilates goes on to apply the same depth of instruction and photos to the full range of Pilates apparatus:
    • Reformer
    • Cadillac
    • Wunda chair
    • Ladder barrel, also known as the high barrel
    • Step barrel, also known as the spine corrector
    • Ped-a-pul
    • Arm chair (F2 chair)
    • Magic circle
    There are more than 200 exercises, categorized by body region. The exercises include difficulty ratings, recommended resistance ranges, and explanations of not only how to perform the movements but also how your clients will benefit from them. New variations, modifications, and progressions offer additional guidance for tailoring many of the included exercises based on ability, skill, or preference.

    The book includes a purposeful grouping of exercises into programs that work all regions of the body and progress from the fundamental level through the intermediate and advanced levels to allow you to train clients at all stages of Pilates practice. Upon completing the book, certified professionals can take the companion CE exam to earn continuing education credits.

    Learning Objectives
    After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:
    • Describe the value of Pilates for everyone, even those without athletic or dance training.
    • Identify the benefits of Pilates.
    • Explain the Pilates principles and how they apply to the exercises.
    • Distinguish the natural curves of the spine.
    • Explain the function of the pelvic floor in providing support throughout the exercises.
    • Identify the muscles of the back and the internal support system (also known as the powerhouse) and the major muscles of the pelvis.
    • Demonstrate the proper alignment for ideal posture.
    • Explain when to maintain a neutral spinal position and when to be in forward flexion.
    • Safely and effectively design workout sessions and programs, using the BASI block system.
    • Demonstrate exercises on the mat, reformer, wunda chair, cadillac, barrels, ped-a-pul, and arm chair.
    • Enhance exercises and make exercise more challenging, using the springs on the reformer.


    Pilates teachers, personal trainers, strength and conditioning professionals, and other certified fitness professionals.
    Chapter 1. Enhancing the Mind and Body
    Chapter 2. Alignment, Posture, and Movement
    Chapter 3. Powerful Pilates Practice
    Chapter 4. Mat Work
    Chapter 5. Reformer
    Chapter 6. Cadillac
    Chapter 7. Wunda Chair
    Chapter 8. Barrels
    Chapter 9. Ped-a-Pul
    Chapter 10. Arm Chair
    Chapter 11. Magic Circle
    Chapter 12. Sample Exercise Routines
    Rael Isacowitz received his bachelor of education degree from the Wingate Institute in Israel, where he was later invited to join the faculty, and his master of arts degree in dance from the University of Surrey in England. He worked extensively as a professional dancer and dance educator in Israel, England, Australia, and the United States. Rael was introduced to Pilates in the late 1970s and has since been practicing and teaching Pilates throughout the world.

    In 1989, Rael founded BASI (Body Arts and Science International) Pilates, a comprehensive Pilates educational organization spanning the globe. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, BASI Pilates is represented in more than 50 countries. Over 50,000 students have experienced the BASI teacher training programs, Learn From the Leaders conferences, and other advanced workshops and continuing education courses.

    Rael spearheaded the development of BASI Interactive, a one-of-a-kind elearning platform, and he designed the original concepts for BASI Systems Pilates equipment. Rael has written two bestselling books that have been translated into multiple languages: Pilates (Human Kinetics) and Pilates Anatomy (Human Kinetics), the latter of which was coauthored by Karen Clippinger. He has published a series of comprehensive workbooks that serve as a road map for professionals. With over 1,000 pages of content, these workbooks (which are used in the BASI Legacy Program) cover everything from the basics to the most advanced repertoire. In the early 2000s, Rael was featured in a series of DVDs that remain universally popular today. He was a founding board member of Pilates Method Alliance. He has written for, and been featured in, professional publications such as Pilates Style magazine, for which he was the Q&A expert for over seven years.

    Rael is honored to be part of the great legacy of Pilates teachers and mentors. He has studied from, and taught with, luminaries of the Pilates world, including several first-generation Pilates teachers. Among these Pilates elders was Kathy Grant, who Rael regards as his greatest teacher and mentor.

    Rael’s myriad contributions to Pilates as a teacher, author, and innovator are recognized and respected internationally. Passion, compassion, and excellence guide Rael in all he does. Creativity and commitment permeate his work and his daily practice. Rael brings to Pilates a unique athleticism—a synthesis of body, mind, and spirit.

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