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Physical Activity and Obesity-2nd Edition

Physical Activity and Obesity-2nd Edition



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    Physical Activity and Obesity, Second Edition, addresses an array of topics that explore and divulge the links between physical activity (or inactivity) and obesity. Leading scientists from various backgrounds team up to provide an unrivaled resource examining the latest research and developments in the field. Each chapter provides researchers and practitioners with a clear explanation of the concepts, research techniques, and results of studies critical to understanding physical activity and the obesity epidemic.

    In the 10 years since the first edition of this book was published, the field of physical activity and obesity has mushroomed with new research, sparking the need for not only a new edition but an innovative and refreshing approach to the contents. Editors Bouchard and Katzmarzyk create a go-to resource with 89 succinct, authoritative chapters that may be used independently or as a complete text. Packed with the most up-to-date information linking obesity and physical activity, this comprehensive book

    • delves into areas of uncertainty and controversy instead of avoiding them or skirting the issues;
    • emphasizes, where appropriate, the underlying mechanisms between physical activity and obesity; and
    • points to research areas that need further exploration and attention.

    The nine parts of the book flow logically and address obesity in all populations, including children and adults of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and social classes. An overview of the methods used in assessing the levels of sedentary behavior and physical activity is given, followed by a global view of the problem of physical inactivity and obesity. Readers will learn about the key determinants of physical activity levels and obesity and the links between a sedentary lifestyle and the risk of obesity. Other topics examined include behavioral and environmental correlates and determinants of obesity, the relationship between low physical activity energy expenditure and obesity risk, clinical implications, and policy and research issues related to physical activity and obesity.

    Physical Activity and Obesity, Second Edition, helps readers better understand the role of physical activity in the overall energy balance equation. The unique format, expert contributors, and complete references make this resource indispensable for researchers, health and exercise practitioners, and students studying the ever-expanding topic of obesity as it relates to physical activity.


    Reference for exercise physiologists, obesity specialists, sport nutritionists, sports medicine specialists, fitness specialists, and government agencies concerned with public health.

    Table of Contents

    Part I. Definition and Assessment of Physical Activity and Obesity

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Claude Bouchard and Peter T. Katzmarzyk
    Chapter 2. The Physical Activity and Exercise Continuum
    Darren Warburton
    Chapter 3. Assessing the Level of Sedentarism
    Mark S. Tremblay
    Chapter 4. Assessing the Level of Physical Activity in Adults
    Barbara E. Ainsworth
    Chapter 5. Assessing the Level of Physical Activity in Children
    Russell E. Pate
    Chapter 6. Assessment of Obesity in Adults
    George A. Bray
    Chapter 7. Assessment of Obesity in Children
    John H. Himes
    Chapter 8. The Limitations of Self-Report in Physical Activity and Obesity Research
    Richard P. Troiano

    Part II. Prevalence and Cost Issues

    Chapter 9. The Prevalence of Adult Physical Inactivity Around the World
    Wendy J. Brown
    Chapter 10. The Prevalence of Childhood Physical Inactivity Around the World
    Chris Riddoch
    Chapter 11. The Prevalence of Adult Obesity Around the World
    W. Philip T. James
    Chapter 12. The Economic Cost of Obesity
    Peter T. Katzmarzyk
    Chapter 13. The Prevalence of Childhood Obesity Around the World
    Tim Lobstein
    Chapter 14. The Economic Cost of Physical Inactivity
    Ian Janssen
    Chapter 15. The Cost-Benefit Relationship of Physical Activity Interventions for Obesity
    Larissa Roux

    Part III. Determinants of Physical Activity Levels

    Chapter 16. Biological Regulation of Physical Activity Level
    Catherine M. Kotz
    Chapter 17. Genetics and Physical Activity Level
    Tuomo Rankinen
    Chapter 18. Epigenetic or Programming Effects on Physical Activity Level
    Mark Vickers
    Chapter 19. Socioeconomic Position and Physical Activity Levels
    Lise Gauvin
    Chapter 20. Ethnic Differences in Physical Activity Level
    Robert L. Newton, Jr.
    Chapter 21. Psychological Factors and Physical Activity Level
    Rod K. Dishman
    Chapter 22. Effects of the Built Environment on Physical Activity Level
    James F. Sallis

    Part IV. Physical Activity and Risk of Obesity

    Chapter 23. Sedentary Time and the Risk of Obesity in Adults
    Ross Andersen
    Chapter 24. Sedentary Time and the Risk of Obesity in Children
    Steven L. Gortmaker
    Chapter 25. Physical Activity Level and the Risk of Obesity in Adults
    John M. Jakicic
    Chapter 26. Physical Activity Level and the Risk of Obesity in Children
    Margarita S. Treuth
    Chapter 27. Childhood Physical Activity and Risk of Adult Obesity
    Robert M. Malina
    Chapter 28. Childhood Obesity and Risk of Adult Obesity
    Francois Trudeau
    Chapter 29. Physical Activity and Risk of Obesity in Older People
    Wendy M. Kohrt
    Chapter 30. Physical Fitness and Risk of Obesity
    Steven N. Blair
    Chapter 31. The Interaction of Diet and Physical Activity on Obesity
    Tom Baranowski

    Part V. Physical Activity and Biological Determinants of Obesity

    Chapter 32. Physical Activity Level and Resting Metabolic Rate
    Angelo Tremblay
    Chapter 33. Physical Activity Level and Thermic Effect Of Food
    Yves Schutz
    Chapter 34. Physical Activity Level and Substrate Oxidation Rates
    Steven R. Smith
    Chapter 35. Physical Activity Level and Sympathetic Nervous System Activity
    Ian Macdonald
    Chapter 36. Physical Activity Level and Adipose Tissue Biology
    Isabelle de Glisezinski
    Chapter 37. Physical Activity Level and Leptin Biology
    David J. Dyck
    Chapter 38. Physical Activity Level and Hypothalamic Peptides
    Christopher D. Morrison
    Chapter 39. Physical Activity Level and Gut Peptides
    Stephen C. Woods
    Chapter 40. Physical Activity Level and Thyroid Hormones
    Anthony C. Hackney
    Chapter 41. Physical Activity Level and the HPA Axis
    Denis Richard
    Chapter 42. Physical Activity Level and Skeletal Muscle Biology
    David A. Hood
    Chapter 43. Postexercise Energy Expenditure
    Elizabet Borsheim
    Chapter 44. Genetics of Obesity
    Ruth J.F. Loos
    Chapter 45. Epigenetic Effects on Obesity
    Peter Nathanielsz

    Part VI. Physical Activity, Behavioral and Environmental Determinants of Obesity

    Chapter 46. Physical Activity Level and Sleep
    Shawn D. Youngstedt
    Chapter 47. Physical Activity Level and Occupational Work
    David R. Bassett, Jr.
    Chapter 48. Physical Activity Level and Mode of Transportation
    Catrine Tudor-Locke
    Chapter 49. Effects of the Built Environment on Obesity
    Neville Owen
    Chapter 50. Socioeconomic Status and Obesity
    Youfa Wang
    Chapter 51. Physical Activity Level and Dietary Intake
    Conrad Earnest

    Part VII. Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity

    Chapter 52. Physical Activity in the Prevention of Weight Gain
    Mikael Fogelholm
    Chapter 53. Physical Activity for Weight Loss
    Robert Ross
    Chapter 54. Physical Activity Versus Diet-Induced Weight Loss
    Joseph Donnelly
    Chapter 55. Role of Physical Activity in Pharmacological Weight Loss
    Frank Greenway
    Chapter 56. Role of Physical Activity in Surgical Weight Loss
    Paul O’Brien
    Chapter 57. Physical Activity and Depot-Specific Fat Loss
    Victor Katch
    Chapter 58. Physical Activity, Visceral Fat, and Ectopic Fat Deposition
    Bret Goodpaster
    Chapter 59. Physical Activity, Weight Loss, and Maintenance of Lean Mass
    Steven Heymsfield
    Chapter 60. Physical Activity for Weight Loss Maintenance
    Rena Wing
    Chapter 61. Physical Activity and Weight Control During Pregnancy
    Michelle Mottola
    Chapter 62. Physical Activity and Postpartum Weight Loss
    Cheryl Lovelady
    Chapter 63. Physical Activity and Birth Weight
    Johan G. Eriksson
    Chapter 64. Physical Activity and Body Composition in Children
    Bob Gutin

    Part VIII. Clinical Implications

    Chapter 65. Physical Activity and Mortality Rates in Obesity
    Kevin R. Fontaine
    Chapter 66. Physical Activity and Impaired Glucose Tolerance in Obesity
    Markku Laakso
    Chapter 67. Physical Activity and Type 2 Diabetes in Obesity
    Edward S. Horton
    Chapter 68. Physical Activity and Hypertension in Obesity
    James M. Hagberg
    Chapter 69. Physical Activity and Heart Disease in Obesity
    Timothy Church
    Chapter 70. Physical Activity and Stroke in Obesity
    Janice Eng
    Chapter 71. Physical Activity and Endothelial Dysfunction in Obesity
    Christopher A. DeSouza
    Chapter 72. Physical Activity and Inflammation in Obesity
    Mark Hamer
    Chapter 73. Physical Activity and Depression in Obesity
    Adrian H. Taylor
    Chapter 74. Physical Activity and Breast Cancer in Obesity
    Kerry S. Courneya
    Chapter 75. Physical Activity and Colon Cancer in Obesity
    I-Min Lee
    Chapter 76. Physical Activity and Other Cancers in Obesity
    Roy Shephard
    Chapter 77. Physical Activity, Obesity, and Metabolic Syndrome
    Mercedes R. Carnethon
    Chapter 78. Physical Activity and Musculoskeletal Disorders in Obesity
    Jennifer M. Hootman
    Chapter 79. Physical Activity and Risk of Falls in Obese Elderly
    Teresa Liu Ambrose
    Chapter 80. Adverse Events of Physical Activity in Obese Persons
    Kenneth E. Powell
    Chapter 81. Physical Activity and CVD Risk Profile in Obese Children
    Lars Bo Andersen
    Chapter 82. Physical Activity and Risk of Diabetes in Obese Children
    Louise Baur

    Part IX. Policy and Research Issues

    Chapter 83. Global Policy Initiatives Related to Physical Activity and Obesity
    Timothy Armstrong
    Chapter 84. The Role of Government in the Promotion of Physical Activity
    Art Salmon
    Chapter 85. Community-Based Physical Activity Programs to Address Obesity
    W. Kerry Mummery
    Chapter 86. School-Based Physical Activity Programs to Address Obesity
    Chantal Simon
    Chapter 87. The Role of Industry in the Promotion of Physical Activity
    John C. Peters
    Chapter 88. Mass Media Approaches to Addressing Physical Inactivity and Obesity
    Adrian Bauman
    Chapter 89. Physical Activity and Obesity Research: Looking to the Future
    Peter T. Katzmarzyk and Claude Bouchard

    About the Author

    Claude Bouchard, PhD,is executive director of the PenningtonBiomedicalResearchCenter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For more than 40 years he has researched the role of physical activity on physiology, metabolism, and health indicators, taking into account genetic uniqueness. He also has authored or coauthored more than 1,000 scientific publications, and he served as president of the International Society for the Study of Obesity from 2002 to 2006. He also has served as president of the Canadian Society for Applied Physiology and has directed the Physical Activity Sciences Laboratory at Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, for over 20 years.


    Dr. Bouchard has received numerous awards over the years, including the TOPS award from the North American Association for the Study of Obesity in 1998 and the Albert Creff Award in Nutrition of the National Academy of Medicine of France in 1997.


    Peter T. Katzmarzyk, PhD,is a professor and the associate executive director for Population Science at the PenningtonBiomedicalResearchCenter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He holds the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority endowed chair in nutrition. His main research interest is the epidemiology and public health impact of obesity and physical inactivity, and determining the relationships between physical activity, physical fitness, obesity, and related disorders such as metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.


    Dr. Katzmarzyk has published his research findings in more than 190 scholarly journals and books, and he regularly participates in the scientific meetings of several national and international organizations. He is currently an editorial board member for the International Journal of Pediatric Obesity, Journal of Physical Activity and Health, and Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders.