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Personal Training Log-3rd Edition, The

Personal Training Log-3rd Edition, The

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    The Personal Training Log is absolutely unlike any other training log on the market. If you are tired of making little or no gains in your training, then it's time to get yourself organized and motivated. We don't just mean write down your sets and reps, there is so much more to working out than this. The Personal Training Log provides you the opportunity to track ALL the factors that affect your progress and goals!

    Here is what The Personal Training Log is all about:
    • It is spiral bound and 5" X 9" so that it fits perfectly in your gym bag.

    • Loaded with 216 pages that are broken up into three, four week cycles. The book is designed this way to encourage you to change your routine before each cycle.

    • Here's what it tracks:

      • Workouts - sets, reps and tempo!
      • Cardio Training - up to TWO Sessions per day!
      • Fitness Class - track your spin, yoga, pilates or any other class!
      • Your Daily Meals - three different ways to track: Point System - Calories - Grams!
      • Before and After Photo Sections - three separate sections for photos of yourself as you progress!
      • Ab Section - so you never skip this area that is key to your physique!
      • Increases in your strength!
      • Supplement/Medication Tracker - tracks when you start and finish any medication or supplement!
      • Changes in your body measurements
      • Section for Personal Trainers - so that they can perform a battery of tests on you and assess your fitness level!
    And a whole lot more than this! The Personal Training Log is a very POWERFUL TOOL! Use it to its fullest potential and you will easily identify where you can make changes to your training, nutrition and lifestyle!

    Table of Contents

    Using The Personal Training Log
    Supplement and Medication Tracker
    Example Sheets
    Workout Log
    Nutrition Tracker
    A Final Note
    Progress Report
    Enter Cycle 1
    The Personal Trainers Corner
    Photograph – Start
    Photograph – End of Cycle 1
    Workout & Nutrition Log Sheets
    Enter Cycle 2
    The Personal Trainers Corner
    Photograph – End of Cycle 1
    Photograph – End of Cycle 2
    Workout & Nutrition Log Sheets
    Enter Cycle 3
    The Personal Trainers Corner
    Photograph – End of Cycle 2
    Photograph – End of Cycle 3
    Workout & Nutrition Log Sheets

    About the Author

    Lou is a retired Detective with the Ontario Provincial Police completing thirty years of service.

    Throughout his career, Lou has always taken personal pride in maintaining a high level of fitness.

    Lou has a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and has been operating his own personal training business for twenty (20) years.  He has also been volunteering as a high school senior football coach since 1990 (25 years). 

    In 2007, Lou approached Ernestown Secondary School in Odessa, Ontario in order to start a football program which it had never had in its history.  In September 2007, Ernestown Secondary School fielded its first football team as Lou as its head coach.  Lou continues to this day as the Head Coach of the Ernestown Eagles senior football team.

    Lou has been certified since 1989 as a Level 2 football coach with the National Coaching Certification Program and a Level 1 track coach since 2001.

    Lou also served as a Certified Doping Control Officer from 2001 to 2011 with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) which conducts drug testing on Olympic, National, International and Professional Athletes.  During his tenure with the CCES, Lou conducted lectures to groups of athletes and teams on behalf of the CCES about the doping control process, athlete’s rights and obligations.  

    In 2007, Lou served as the strength and conditioning coach for the Kingston Grenadiers Football Team, which is the city’s representative team in the Ontario Varsity Football League.  The following year in 2008, Lou served as an assistant strength and conditioning coach with the Queen’s University Football Team.

    In 1992, Lou and his close friend, Richard Landon co-founded the Kingston Township OPP Minor Football League for youth aged 11 to 13 which continues to this day.