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Next-Level Pilates with Erika Bloom DVD

Next-Level Pilates with Erika Bloom DVD

$16.95 USD


Product Format

    This DVD is intended for play on any standard DVD playing devices. It is not a DVD-ROM.

    Are you ready to take your body to the next level? If so, Next-Level Pilates with Erika Bloom is your personal program for strengthening and lengthening your muscles for a total-body transformation.

    From warm-up to cool-down, renowned instructor Erika Bloom will guide you through classic Pilates movements targeting the deeper intrinsic muscles for improved posture and tone.

    With Next-Level Pilates, you’ll go beyond traditional mat work to incorporate strength band and Pilates ball sequences designed to tone and strengthen your core, abs, back, legs, arms, and hips.

    Or, perfect your physique by joining Erika in one of her eight preprogrammed workouts:

    • The 30- or 60-minute sculpt

    • The core or advanced core burn

    • Lower-body or advanced lower-body burn

    • Perfect posture

    • Total-body workout

    Best of all, the DVD’s special programming option allows you to personalize each workout for your goals, your schedule, and your body. Simply select and sequence up to six 10-minute routines to create your own individualized Pilates program.

    So, grab your resistance band and small Pilates ball and experience studio-quality Pilates in your own home. Next-Level Pilates is your essential resource for sculpting a long, toned, healthy body.

    Warm-Up: Fundamentals

    Small Pilates Ball: Deep Core

    Small Pilates Ball: Legs

    On the Mat: Abs

    On the Mat: Back

    With the Band: Arms

    With the Band: Hips

    Advanced Flow

    Cool-Down: Stretch

    Erika Bloom has been studying Pilates since 1992 and teaching in New York City since 1999. A former professional dancer, she performed internationally with various ballet and modern dance companies for almost 10 years. She is the owner and founder of renowned New York Pilates studio Erika Bloom Pilates Plus. She has a teaching staff of over 30 instructors and has more than 1,000 clients. Bloom also hosts a sought-after certification program for Pilates instructors at her studio.

    Bloom is a regular contributor to Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Woman’s World, Teen Vogue, Health, and Prevention magazines. She has been featured in Vogue, Lucky, Hamptons, Gotham, Social Life, Star, and Pilates Style. She also sells a line of luxury organic Pilates apparel called Erika Bloom Collection.

    She holds a 500-hour Pilates certification from the PhysicalMind Institute as well as certifications in foam roller and Physioball, protocols of osteoporosis, muscle imbalance assessment and correction, nutrition, scoliosis, and gait analysis. She is also a certified yoga therapist. Bloom has extensive training and clinical experience in injury rehabilitation and prevention, fascial massage and Rolfing, spinal manipulation, and sport conditioning.

    Bloom holds a bachelor's degree in dance theory and performance and in mathematics. She has also completed postbaccalaureate studies in premedicine.

    “Whether you’ve got just 10 minutes to work out or over an hour, this DVD delivers. Bloom’s smart, form-focused instructions will help everyone—Pilates pros and beginners alike—reach their goals.”

    Lindsey Emery -- Fitness Magazine Fitness Editor

    “Perfect for those on the go, Next-Level Pilates features nine quick routines that will tone your entire body from head to toe.”

    Amanda Altman -- Associate Editor, Pilates Style