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Muscle Up With the Strength Ball Video on Demand

Muscle Up With the Strength Ball Video on Demand

$49.00 USD

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    Preferred by elite athletes, fitness experts, and strength and conditioning specialists, stability and medicine ball exercises are essential to developing core power, strength, balance, coordination, and stability.

    Muscle Up With the Strength Ball with Lorne Goldenberg presents 16 exercises and includes the use of a medicine ball, stability ball, dumbbells, barbell, and a squat and power rack. This program is divided into lower-body and upper-body progressions, each to be completed twice each week, to help you build muscle, get lean, feel better, and maximize performance. This high-definition video lets you see exactly how to perform each exercise to ensure proper technique and reduce the risk of injury.

    Table of Contents

    Drill Progression

    Muscle Up Program: Lower Body

    Lower Body Superset 1

    Wall squat

    Swiss Ball single-leg split squat

    Lower Body Superset 2

    Poor man’s glute ham raise

    Hip extension and knee flexion

    Lower Body Superset 3

    Walking lunge with overhead medicine ball rotation

    Medicine ball split Russian twist

    Lower Body Superset 4

    Stability ball side-supported hip extension

    Standing bar twist with medicine ball squeeze

    Muscle Up Program: Upper Body

    Upper Body Superset 1

    Incline dumbbell press

    Supine dumbbell press and fly

    Upper Body Superset 2

    Supine pull-up


    Upper Body Superset 3

    Prone front raise lateral fly

    Cross-body rear delt raise

    Upper Body Superset 4

    Scapular push-up

    Stability ball reverse rollout

    About the Author

    Lorne Goldenberg is the director of the UPMC Sports Performance Complex in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The complex provides services to athletes of all ages, skill levels, and sports along with nonathletes and others seeking to improve their fitness. He works with athletes in all sports, making them total-body strong and breaking new ground in targeted injury prevention, surgery, rehabilitation, training, and performance. Goldenberg is the former owner of the Athletic Conditioning Center and Strength Tek Fitness and Wellness Consultants, which provides service to more than 20,000 people in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Boston.

    Goldenberg has been active in the field of sport performance for over 30 years. Having worked in the National Hockey League (NHL) and Canadian Football League (CFL), he has served the Montreal Canadiens, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, Ottawa Rough Riders, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks, Quebec Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche, Windsor Spitfires, Owen Sound Attack, Ottawa 67’s, and the University of Ottawa football team. Players such as Daniel Alfredsson, Daniel Briere, Zach Bogosian, Steven Stamkos, and Matt Bradley are just a few who seek out his expertise.

    Goldenberg earned an honors degree in physical education from the University of Ottawa and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a strength and conditioning specialist. He is also a certified exercise physiologist (CEP) through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

    Goldenberg has published numerous articles in journals and magazines, including Men’s Journal, Physical, and Ironman. He has presented at conferences for organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, IDEA Health & Fitness Association, CanFitPro, American Fitness Professionals & Associates, Perform Better, Twist Conditioning, Yale University, and Dalhousie University.