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Mastering the Half Marathon Mini epub

Mastering the Half Marathon Mini epub

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    The half marathon has become the fastest-growing race distance in the United States, both in terms of number of finishers and number of new races. Additionally, according to Running USA’s National Runner Survey, the half marathon is the favorite distance of both sexes. Mastering the Half Marathon is your guide to completing or even reaching personal records in one of the most popular running events. Author Cathy Utzschneider has been ranked fifth in the world in her age group and won seven USA Track and Field age-group titles since she started running competitively at age 40. In Mastering the Half Marathon, masters runners will benefit from the targeted approach that she has used to guide 46 national masters age-group champions.

    This mini e-book begins with an introduction to the half marathon before moving into training workouts, plans, and tips. Included are 12-week training plans for both experienced and beginning runners. Mastering the Half Marathon also focuses on speed development, detailing information on exertion, fartlek training, threshold running, and interval running. The mini e-book concludes with strategies for race day, including pacing, and fueling during and after the race.

    Mastering the Half Marathon is an abridged version of Cathy Utzschnider’s Mastering Running (Human Kinetics, 2014), which provides information and advice on topics that matter most to older runners, proving that age is no obstacle to excellence.

    Table of Contents

    Why Not Try the Half Marathon?

    Building a Mileage Base
    Healthy Habits
    Recovery and Sleep
    Listen to Your Body to Avoid Injury
    Hydrating Habits
    Balanced Nutrition
    Fueling on Long Runs
    Check Your Shoes Regularly

    Getting Faster: It’s Not Just About Speed
    Speed Training
    Master’s Method: A Mix of Measures

    Running Rating of Perceived Exertion
    Trusting Perceived Exertion
    Daniels’ V\od\O2max Charts

    Final Reminders About Speed

    Understand Periodization: The Progression of the Plans
    Four Phases of Half Marathon Periodization
    Focus of the Four Phases
    Consider These Plans as Guidelines

    Long Runs and Tempo Runs
    Five Advantageous Attitudes

    Reading the Plans
    Half Marathon Training From a 20-Mile (32 km) Base
    Half Marathon Training From a 30-Mile (48 km) Base
    Half Marathon Training From a 40-Mile (64 km) Base

    Understand Masters Performance…Then Set Your Goal
    Setting a Goal
    Your Absolute Times
    Your Age-Graded Results
    How You Place in Your Age Group

    Race Strategy
    Four or More Weeks Before The Half Marathon: You’ve Entered Your Race
    Two Weeks Before Your Race
    Race Week
    Refine Your Goals
    Choose a Segmenting Plan

    Race Logistics
    A Few Days Before
    Last Dinner: The Night Before
    Race Day
    Prerace Fueling and Hydrating
    Tips for Starting the Race
    Hydrating and Fueling During the Race
    Postrace Fueling and Hydrating
    Postgoal Analysis
    Recovery and Rebuilding