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Mastering Judo eBook


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    Immerse yourself in the art and sport of judo like never before in Mastering Judo. Gain a rich understanding of the philosophy, history, and practices that distinguish judo from other martial arts. Become more proficient in the techniques, tactics, and training necessary to rise through the ranks.

    Mastering Judo will add to your appreciation of the principles that distinguish the art in formal exercises (kata) and to your toughness and spontaneity in both freestyle fighting (randori) and competitive matches (shiai). Firmer grounding in the roots and wisdom of traditional judo practices will enhance your ability to use your body and your mind to the ultimate advantage when facing an opponent.

    Written by the Takahashi family, with more than 200 years of experience teaching, coaching, and competing in judo throughout the world, this resource crosses both generation and national boundaries in its approach and application.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Evolution From Art to Sport
    Chapter 2. Traditional Values and Etiquette
    Chapter 3. Focus and Attitude
    Chapter 4. Training Methods
    Chapter 5. Breakfalls, Posture, and Standing and Ground Positions
    Chapter 6. Control Grips, Grip Breaks, and Grasping
    Chapter 7. Standing Combinations and Counters
    Chapter 8. Physical Preparation and Weight Control
    Chapter 9. Match Plans, Competitive Strategies, and Tactics
    Chapter 10. Self-Defense Applications