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Martial Fitness Kickboxing Print CE Course-Updated Version

Martial Fitness Kickboxing Print CE Course-Updated Version

$199.00 USD

Available As

    Print Course

    Course components are delivered as printed products:

    • 4 DVDs

    • Instructor training manual

    • Continuing education exam

    Martial Fitness Kickboxing Print CE Course, Updated Version, provides the information required to properly teach the movements and techniques from boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, and self-defense training. Designed to prepare novice or intermediate instructors, this course offers modifications, balanced workouts, information on safety and equipment, training guidelines, and new drills. You will be able to explain the benefits of kickboxing fitness, create a safe and effective exercise regimen tailored to the demands and expectations of almost any target audience, and motivate your class participants to succeed. Class design and choreography, teaching progressions, and sample circuit classes will help you to design and lead a kickboxing fitness class. The included DVDs demonstrate moves and techniques, proper use of Focus Pads, and choreography. The course concludes with a continuing education exam for credit through participating organizations.

    Course Objectives

    • Clarify the difference between competitive (sport) kickboxing and kickboxing fitness.

    • Explain the benefits associated with participation in a kickboxing fitness program.

    • Demonstrate and instruct the safe and proper execution of starting positions, upper and lower body strikes, bob and weave, and more.

    • Identify the primary joint movements involved in each action phase of the techniques.

    • Discuss safety concerns associated with each movement and technique described in the course.

    • Provide information about technique modifications that can be used for certain situations and environments where injury potential may be high.

    • Understand the concept of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of participation.

    • Explain and demonstrate choreography patterns and be aware of factors affecting choreography instruction.

    • Develop a clear understanding of how to evaluate, plan the use of, and use kickboxing training equipment in classes and programs.

    • Teach proper execution of skills, drills, and workout routines—with or without equipment—that could be included in a kickboxing or MMA fitness training class.


    A continuing education course for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and other fitness professionals.

    Table of Contents



    Physical Instruction

    The Starting Position: The Fighter’s Stance


    Upper Body Strikes

    Lower Body Strikes

    Knee Strike

    Class Design

    Class Formats

    Balanced Workouts

    Monitoring Intensity


    Instructional Techniques

    Equipment Training

    Hand Wraps Versus Training Gloves

    Focus Pad Training

    Heavy Bag Training

    Body Shield Training

    Jump Rope Training

    Double-Ended Ball Training

    Swiss Ball and Medicine Ball Training

    Program Development

    Instructor Training

    Skills, Drills, and Workout Routines

    Kickboxing and MMA Fitness Workouts

    Introducing Elastic Resistance Tubing to Your Workouts

    FitStrike DVD: Drill Descriptions


    About the Author

    Tim Rochford has been a martial artist since 1978 and holds a sixth-degree black belt in kajukenbo karate. He is a sport karate competitor and was an amateur kickboxer.

    Rochford is the founder of Empower Training Systems (a self-defense and kickboxing fitness instructor training company) and has authored numerous instructor training programs and manuals, including coauthoring ACE Kickboxing Fitness Specialty Training Manual, Martial Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Training, FitStrike Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Instructor Training, and Proactive Personal Security Self Defense Instructor Training Program.

    He is certified as a medical exercise specialist by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and as a personal trainer by ACE, the International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA), and the Cooper Institute.


    Quotes (from original version)

    Martial Fitness Kickboxing provides clear and concise instruction. The instructor and participants executed the moves and techniques demonstrated on the video to perfection. I especially appreciated the critique on footwork and hip rotation, and I will refer back to these videos to practice and refresh my skills. My money and time were very well spent, and my class will enjoy the workout very much.”

    K. Velasquez—Kennewick, Washington

    “This course is beneficial to established group fitness instructors who wish to expand their kickboxing technique and choreography design. It is also useful to current kickboxing instructors who wish to brush up on form, technique, and safety issues.”

    E. Mu—Eureka, California

    “This course provides all of the information necessary to teach a safe and effective kickboxing fitness workout. I am a very pleased customer!”

    K. Velez Gonzalez—San Juan, Puerto Rico

    “Having the knowledge to add boxing or kickboxing movements to my own clients’ workouts has added excitement and a sense of accomplishment, even for those in their 60s.”

    T. Whitney—Duluth, Georgia