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Health and Wellness for Life West Texas A&M University

Health and Wellness for Life West Texas A&M University

$54.00 USD
Access Duration: 10 Years

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    Student-Friendly Textbook Features Make Reading and Learning More Enjoyable
    The text includes the following student-friendly features:
    • A conversational tone used throughout the book makes it accessible and relevant for any student.
    • Discussion and assessment questions, quizzes, surveys, hypothetical scenarios, and learning objectives add interest to the textbook and help students retain what they've learned.
    • A look at the effect of gender and ethnicity on health issues makes learning more personal for each individual.
    • The special focus on timely and controversial issues encourages students to think critically about media and advertising.
    • Special elements on steps for behavioral change and the mind–body connection show students how to take action to address health issues to improve mental and physical health.
    • A glossary of terms defines concepts presented in each chapter.
    • Several application activities for each chapter engage students' critical-thinking skills.
    • The online student resource provides additional information, links, and tools that expand on topics from the text.
    Complete Coverage of Important Concepts
    The textbook covers these important topics:
    • Fitness, nutrition, and weight management
    • Mental health and stress management
    • Relationships, reproductive choices, and pregnancy and childbirth
    • Health promotion, chronic diseases, and prevention of infectious diseases
    • Consumer health and alternative medicine, environmental health, and substance abuse and dependency
    • Healthy aging and wellness throughout life
    Complete Ancillaries Help Instructors Implement the Course
    Instructors will receive access to a complete set of ancillaries:
    • A presentation package with more than 500 PowerPoint lecture slides covering all available chapters
    • A test package with more than 500 multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short-answer questions covering the content from all chapters
    • An online student resource with extended discussions of topics related to the content of each chapter, answers to review questions from the textbook, and definitions of terms used in each chapter
    With Health and Wellness for Life, you can help your students create their paths to lifelong well-being.


    Custom ebook for students at West Texas A&M University.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Health Promotion
    Health and Wellness
    Benefits and Guidelines
    Effective Goals
    Theories and Models of Behavior Modification
    Health Promotion 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 2. Fitness Basics
    Physical Activity, Exercise, and Physical Fitness
    Cardiorespiratory Fitness
    Muscular Strength and Endurance
    Body Composition
    Special Considerations
    Being Active in College
    Fitness Basics 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 3. Nutrition
    Body Basics
    Digestion, From Beginning to End
    Eating a Balanced Diet
    Food Safety
    Junk Science
    Nutrition for Special Populations
    Nutrition 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 4. Weight Management
    How Did We Get Here?
    Basic Regulation of Eating and Body Weight
    Ways to Assess Weight and Fatness
    Health Effects of Overweight, Obesity, and Underweight
    Causes of Overweight and Obesity, and Underweight
    Embracing a Healthy Weight Management Lifestyle
    Dieting in the United States
    Weight-Loss Maintenance
    Critical Moments for Weight Management
    Size Acceptance
    Managing Too Little Body Weight (Underweight)
    Changing the Obesogenic Environment
    Weight Management 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 5. Mental Health
    Young Adults and Mental Health
    History and Stigma
    Treatment Methods Over Time
    Psychological Theories
    What Determines Mental Health?
    Diagnosing Mental Illness
    Treatment Modalities
    Getting Help
    Mental Health Professionals
    Mental Health 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 6. Stress Management
    Types of Stress
    Types of Stressors
    Effects of Stress on Body Systems
    Stress and Disease
    Stress Management
    Negative Coping Techniques
    Stress Management 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 7. Intimacy and Sexuality
    Life Span of Sexual Development
    Sexual Anatomy
    Stimulation and Climax
    Sexual Expression
    Spectrum of Sexuality
    Sexual Norms
    Ability and Sexuality
    Intimacy and Sexuality 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 8. Reproductive Choices
    Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy
    Choosing a Birth Control Method
    Protection Against Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections
    Protection Against Pregnancy Only
    Reproductive Choices 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 9. Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
    Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy
    Conception and Implantation
    Postpartum Period
    Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 10. Infectious Diseases
    Chain of Infection
    Methods of Transmission
    Causes of Infectious Diseases
    Risk Factors
    Your Body's Defenses
    Common Infectious Diseases
    Sexually Transmitted Infections
    How to Protect Yourself
    Infectious Diseases 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 11. Chronic Diseases
    Cardiovascular Disease
    Lung Disease
    Alzheimer's Disease
    Chronic Diseases 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 12. Health Care Consumerism
    Finding the Right Health Insurance Plan
    Choosing a Doctor
    Identifying Reliable Information
    Being Your Own Health Care Advocate
    Reading Medicine Labels
    Complementary Alternative Medicine and Alternative Medicine
    Avoiding Quacks
    Health Care Consumerism 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 13. Environmental Health
    Environment and Public Health
    Diseases and Disorders
    Going Green
    Environmental Health 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 14. Substance Abuse and Dependency
    Scope of the Problem
    Who Will Become Abusers?
    Types of Drugs
    Abuse and Dependency at Different Stages of Life
    Substance Abuse and Dependency 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 15. Healthy Aging
    More People Are Living Longer
    Body System Changes During Aging
    Aging Theories
    Unhealthy Aging
    Managing the Changes of Aging
    End-of-Life Issues
    Healthy Aging 101
    Chapter Review
    Chapter 16. Wellness Throughout Life
    Changes in Health and Wellness Over Time
    Six Dimensions of Wellness
    Factors That Influence Wellness
    Reaching and Maintaining Wellness
    Wellness Throughout Life 101
    Chapter Review


    This textbook was created by a team of knowledge specialists. The chapters were written by veteran health educators selected for their proficiency in the subject matter, and the content was developed to relate specifically to a college audience. The book was then organized into a cohesive course text by Human Kinetics, a publisher with more than 30 years of experience in providing top-quality information resources to the fields of health and physical education and to the various kinesiology subdisciplines.

    Since its founding in 1973, Human Kinetics has been committed to providing informational and educational products in the physical activity and health fields.

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