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Game Plan: Lesson & Unit Planner for Elementary & Middle School Physical Educators

Game Plan: Lesson & Unit Planner for Elementary & Middle School Physical Educators



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    You won’t be completely ready to start the new school year without this must-have tool for planning your lessons for each class throughout the year. Perfect for beginning teachers, as well as veterans, PE Game Plan: Lesson & Unit Planner for Elementary & Middle School Physical Educators gives you a ready-made format for planning effectively.

    The book is divided into five sections:
    1. Focus Charts, for deciding which skill themes and movement concepts are appropriate for each grade level. These charts can help you list skill themes and movement concepts to be covered in a logical order.
    2. A Unit Plan Pacing Guide, for developing a yearly physical education curriculum as a brief overview for the entire year. Use the pacing guide as a big-picture guide to mapping out decisions on what to include in the curriculum for each grade.
    3. Scope & Sequence Charts, for making decisions concerning the depth, or scope, of the curriculum and how it should be sequenced on a weekly basis.
    4. Weekly Lesson Plans, in a “week at a glance” format, helping you make in-depth decisions on warm-up activities, practices and games before writing the daily lesson plan. Also included on the CD-ROM that accompanies the book, so that you can download it to your computer for easy use and reuse.
    5. A Daily Lesson Plan format that you can photocopy • or download from the CD-ROM -- for precise, in-depth planning on a daily basis.

    Table of Contents

    How to Use This Book
    National Standards for Physical Education
    Your State’s Physical Education Standards
    Class Schedule
    Grading Sheet

    Section 1 Focus Charts
    Section 2 Unit Plan Pacing Guide
    Section 3 Physical Education Scope & Sequence Charts
    Section 4 Weekly Lesson Plans
    Section 5 Daily Lesson Plan Format