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Essentials of Team Building

Essentials of Team Building

$48.00 USD

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    Team building is a proven approach for helping people become respectful competitors, cooperative team members, and community leaders. Now you can help your students or group develop those same important skills with Essentials of Team Building: Principles and Practices.

    The authors, with two successful books on team building and 30 years of team-building experience, offer a day-by-day guide for implementing activities and challenges for individual sessions, units, or an entire semester.

    The activities and challenges are geared to beginning through advanced participants in a variety of settings, and they help participants develop the following valuable skills:
    ï¿œProblem solving
    ï¿œAppropriate risk taking
    ï¿œBuilding working relationships
    ï¿œLeadership and communication
    ï¿œCreative thinking
    ï¿œBuilding trust
    ï¿œMaking decisions
    ï¿œSetting goals
    ï¿œDeveloping physical skills

    In chapters 1 and 2 the authors introduce the concept of team building, including its benefits, its connection with adventure education and community building, and the process involved in building a team. Chapters 3 and 4 provide assessment tools and safety strategies. Chapter 5 offers a sample college course outline in team building. You'll find icebreaker and community activities in chapter 6, and in chapters 7 through 9 you can choose from an array of introductory, intermediate, and advanced challenges. Chapter 10 provides character development and community-building challenges, and an appendix lays out challenge cards, useful forms, reports, and examples.

    In addition, Essentials of Team Building: Principles and Practices includes
    ᅵ58 activities and challenges for beginning through advanced teams;
    ï¿œreproducible forms for organizing, presenting, and evaluating team-building challenges;
    ï¿œready-to-use unit and semester plans with evaluation tools for each activity; and
    ï¿œa bound-in DVD with video clips of 25 challenge demonstrations and reproducible challenge and organizer cards.


    Text for undergraduate and graduate courses in recreation, physical education, outdoor and adventure education, business, and education. Reference for K-12 physical educators, coaches, classroom teachers, recreation leaders, university leaders, corporate managers, as well as anyone leading team-building activities and challenges.

    Table of Contents

    How to Use the DVD
    Essentials of Team Building DVD Menu

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Team Building
    Benefits of Team Building
    Community Building and Team Building
    Adventure Education and Team Building
    Team Building and Character Education

    Chapter 2. The Process of Team Building
    Preparing for Team Building
    Forming Teams
    Setting up Activity Spaces and Equipment
    Selecting an Activity or Challenge

    Chapter 3. Assessment Tools
    Developing a Successful Assessment Program
    Record Keeping for Teams
    Team Report Card

    Chapter 4. Safety Strategies
    General Rules
    Spotters and Spotting
    Equipment Safety
    Safety Issues With Specific Challenges
    Creative Ways to Obtain Equipment

    Chapter 5. Team-building Sample Course Outline

    Chapter 6. Icebreakers and Communication Activities
    Memory Game
    Group Construction
    Moving Team Juggle
    Untying Knots
    Where Do I Go?
    The Great Communicator

    Chapter 7. Introductory Challenges
    Construction Zone
    Geography Masters
    General Hospital, Emergency Room
    Atom Transfer
    Swamp Machine
    The Whole World in Their Hands
    The Snake
    Tire Bridge
    Toxic Waste Transfer
    The Rock
    River Crossing
    The Wall I
    Magic Bases
    Geo Sphere

    Chapter 8. Intermediate Challenges
    Island Escape
    Plunger Ball
    The Maze
    Stepping-Stones I
    Bridge Over the Raging River
    Human Billboard, Skywriters
    Jumping Machine
    Human Pegs
    The Wall II
    Indiana's Challenge
    Teamwork Walk
    Great Pearl Caper
    Stomp It
    Missing Bucket
    Great Balls of Color
    Juggler's Carry
    Dynamic Barrier
    Tower of Tires
    Factor In

    Chapter 9. Advanced Challenges
    Black Hole
    Stepping-Stones II
    Alphabet Balance Beam
    Knights of the Around Table
    Electric Fence
    Grand Canyon I
    Grand Canyon II
    Spider's Web
    Neutral Zone
    Marble Twist and Turn
    Thinking Outside the Dots

    Chapter 10. Character Development and Community-Building Challenges
    Building Blocks
    Lean on Me
    Rainbow Swamp Trail
    Integrity Tower

    Challenge Cards
    Organizer Cards

    About the Authors

    About the Author

    Daniel W. Midura, MEd, is a physical education specialist and coordinator at Falcon Heights Elementary School in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. He has been a physical education specialist for 35 years; in that time he has presented at more than 100 conferences and workshops. In addition, he has coauthored three books and was named the Minnesota Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 1994. He was awarded the 1995 NASPE (National Association for Sport and Physical Education) Teacher of the Year for Minnesota and has received other awards and honors in connection with his teaching. He has served as president of the Minnesota AAHPERD (American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) and is an adjunct faculty member at Bethel University and Saint Mary's University.

    Donald R. Glover has taught physical education, including adapted physical education, since 1967 at the preschool, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary levels. He currently teaches elementary physical education methods at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls.

    In 1981 Glover was recognized as Minnesota's Teacher of the Year and was named the Minnesota Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 1989. He has written four books, published numerous magazine and journal articles on physical education and sport, and has been a clinician at more than 100 workshops and clinics.

    Glover earned his master's degree in physical education from Winona State University in 1970. A former president of MAHPERD, he is also a member of AAHPERD, NASPE, COPEC, and the Minnesota Education Association.