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Competitive Taekwondo eBook

Competitive Taekwondo eBook

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    Competitive taekwondo is a demanding sport. Participants must be quick and able to score when given an opportunity. They must understand the opponent, adapt their fighting style, and be prepared to take advantage of any weakness. Most important, they must be confident and know that they can control any match because they have trained well.

    Competitive Taekwondo will guide you to victory by demonstrating the proven techniques, tactics, strategies, and conditioning programs you need to become a champion. Through detailed descriptions and photos, former world champion Master Yong Sup Kil illustrates how the subtleties of technique—such as stance, foot angle, and timing—provide the foundation for unstoppable direct, indirect, and counterattacks. Fight strategies, such as creating attack openings and setting up counterattacks, allow you to dominate your opponent and score at will.

    From conditioning drills that increase flexibility, strength, endurance, and power to information on making weight and prefight strategies that improve focus and concentration, Competitive Taekwondo is the champion’s guide to taking down even the most formidable opponent.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Finding Motivation and Setting Goals
    Chapter 2. Training to Win
    Chapter 3. Increasing Strength, Explosive Power, Endurance, and Agility
    Chapter 4. Kicking and Blocking
    Chapter 5. Stepping and Footwork
    Chapter 6. Taking Competitive Stances
    Chapter 7. Using Feints and Timing
    Chapter 8. Developing the Mind of a Champion
    Chapter 9. Drilling for Competition
    Chapter 10. Attacking
    Chapter 11. Counterattacking
    Chapter 12. Making Weight
    Chapter 13. Controlling the Match
    Chapter 14. Winning with a Coach