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Coaching Canadian Football eBook

Coaching Canadian Football eBook

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    Being a successful football coach requires proficiency in the Xs and Os and the techniques and tactics of the game. It also requires the ability to manage off-the-field tasks critical to a well-organized, high-performing program.

    With Coaching Canadian Football, you’ll expand your knowledge of every aspect of coaching and emerge as a more complete and effective coach. Written by coaches for coaches, Coaching Canadian Football represents the collective knowledge and experience of Canadian football’s most respected and renowned coaches, as selected by Football Canada. Each coach shares personal insights, strategies, and advice, addressing all facets of the 12-player game.

    You’ll learn the inner workings of leadership and how to establish and convey your coaching philosophy. Chapters covering offense, defense, and special teams provide strategies and tactics for the running, passing, and kicking games on both sides of the ball. You’ll also find chapters addressing player safety, play calling, clock management, mental preparation, player evaluation, and opponent scouting. In addition, case studies and coaches’ personal perspectives demonstrate how to build and maintain successful high school and postsecondary programs.

    Featuring content that aligns with Football Canada’s long-term athlete development model and reflects National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) guidelines, Coaching Canadian Football will make you a better coach by connecting you with innovative coaches and enduring principles that have shaped the game.


    Existing and aspiring Canadian football coaches; Canadian football players and coaches

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: Football for Life
    Key to Diagrams

    Part I. Fundamentals of Coaching
    Chapter 1. Responsibilities of a Coach
    Ryan Hall
    Chapter 2. Leading a Team
    Joe D’Amore
    Chapter 3. Establishing a Coaching Philosophy
    Ryan Hall
    Chapter 4. Safe Contact
    Tom Annett

    Part II. Individual Skills and Team Tactics
    Chapter 5. The Running Game
    Neil Lumsden
    Chapter 6. The Passing Game
    Jay Prepchuk
    Chapter 7. Offensive Play Calling
    Scott Flory
    Chapter 8. Run Defense
    Clint Uttley
    Chapter 9. Pass Defense
    Scott Brady
    Chapter 10. Defensive Play Calling
    Greg Marshall
    Chapter 11. Special Teams
    Pat Tracey

    Part III. Game-Winning Strategies
    Chapter 12. Scouting the Opposition
    Scott MacAulay, Dwayne Masson, and Sean Reader
    Chapter 13. Developing a Competitive Mental Edge
    Jay Hetherington
    Chapter 14. Evaluating Performance
    Jim Barker
    Chapter 15. Preparing for a Tournament
    Lee Barette
    Chapter 16. Managing the Clock
    Ryan Hall
    Chapter 17. Preparing to Play U.S. Competition
    Brad Collinson

    Part IV. Innovative and Effective Practice Sessions
    Chapter 18. Planning and Running an Effective Practice
    Christian Audet
    Chapter 19. Maximizing Player Ability
    Ryan Hall
    Chapter 20. Watching Game Film
    Marcel Bellefeuille

    Part V. Program Building and Management
    Chapter 21. Building a High School Program
    Mike Circelli
    Chapter 22. Building a CEGEP Program
    Chapter 23. Building a CJFL Program
    Tom Sargeant
    Chapter 24. Building and Maintaining a U-Sport Program
    Blake Nill

    About Football Canada
    About the Contributors

    About the Editor

    Football Canada is the national governing body of Canadian amateur football, which represents tackle, touch, and flag components, including players, coaches, officials, and administrators. Football Canada's mission is to initiate, sustain, and encourage programs, services, and activities targeted at all levels, from the novice to the elite, that foster safe and ethical participation in amateur football.

    Football Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) provides coaches the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of coaching tactics, player development, strength and conditioning, and leadership. Football Canada's membership of nearly 7,500 Canadian coaches participate in the NCCP and its Safe Contact program.

    Contributors to this book are among the most respected and renowned coaches in Canadian football. Each contributor has been carefully selected by Football Canada and is recognized as an authority on his respective topic.

    Ryan Hall has spent several decades as a high school teacher (English, psychology, and physical education) and football coach. Hall has coached at every level of the sport, from youth flag football to Football Canada's under-20 junior national team. He has coaching experience with organizations such as Football Saskatchewan, Football Canada, the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association, and Regina Minor Football. Hall is also a National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) master learning facilitator in the areas of competition introduction, competition development, and safe contact. In 2015, he received Football Saskatchewan's Darcy Busse Award for lifetime contribution to coaching in Saskatchewan. In 2007, he garnered the Outstanding Coach Award from the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association.


    “I was lucky enough to play football at all levels—high school, Quebec CEGEP, university, and professional—and was fortunate to receive great coaching each step of the way. Now Coaching Canadian Football takes the sport to an even higher level. This book is a great resource for coaches, players, and parents alike.”

    Chris Flynn

    Former CFL Quarterback, 2011 Canadian Football Hall of Fame Inductee, and Three-Time Hec Crighton Trophy Winner (1988, 1989, 1990)

    Coaching Canadian Football is a valuable resource for Canadian football coaches, from the grassroots level to the highest levels. Having a resource focused entirely on the Canadian game and systems serves as a reminder of just how unique our game is.”

    Karen L. Ouellette

    Executive Director of Football Nova Scotia

    Coaching Canadian Football is a book and resource for any coach at any level—from playground to pros—seeking to build a championship program. It is a book you’ll refer to throughout the season and for years to come. Coaching Canadian Football shows how to teach the game of football, with proper techniques and field strategies that will help each player play the game safely and with confidence.”

    Kim Wudrick

    President of Football Canada

    Coaching Canadian Football is an absolute must read for football coaches hungry for knowledge and driven for success. To have the ability to tap into the greatest coaching minds in Canadian football is invaluable for any coach looking to consistently develop outstanding players and winning programs. I highly recommend this book.”

    Jeff Yausie

    Executive Director of Football Saskatchewan