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Case Studies in International Journal of Sport Communication eBook

Case Studies in International Journal of Sport Communication eBook

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    This custom e-book combines articles from International Journal of Sport Communication.


    This custom e-book is specifically designed for students taking Sport Communication courses.

    Table of Contents

    Section I. Case Studies Related to Personal and Organizational Communication in Sport
    Chapter 1. Case Studies in Personal Communication in Sport
    Athlete-to-Athlete Verbal Aggression: A Case Study of Interpersonal Communication Among Elite Australian Footballers
    John H. Kerr and Pippa Grange
    “We Aren’t Looking at This as an Audition”: Exploring Interim Leadership in College Athletics
    Blair W. Browning and Jeffrey W. Kassing
    Coach Verbal Aggression: A Case Study Examining Effects on Athlete Motivation and Perceptions of Coach Credibility
    Joseph P. Mazer, Katie Barnes, Alexia Grevious, and Caroline Boger
    Journalists and Olympic Athletes: A Norwegian Case Study of an Ambivalent Relationship
    Elsa Kristiansen and Dag Vidar Hanstad
    A Hole in One (Hundred Forty Characters): A Case Study Examining PGA Tour Golfers’ Twitter Use During the Masters
    Kevin Hull
    Look Who’s Talking—Athletes on Twitter: A Case Study
    Ann Pegoraro
    Chapter 2. Case Studies in Organizational Communication in Sport
    Gainline Africa: A Case Study of Sport-for-Development Organizations and the Role of Organizational Relationship Building Via Social Media
    Marion E. Hambrick and Per G. Svensson
    Corporate Consolidation and Content-Management Systems in College Athletics Web Sites: A Case Study of
    Heather L. Dichter
    Professional Athletes’ Shrinking Privacy Boundaries: Fans, Information and Communication Technologies, and Athlete Monitoring
    Jimmy Sanderson
    World Wrestling Entertainment Responds to the Chris Benoit Tragedy: A Case Study
    Laura Richardson Walton and Kevin D. Williams
    A Case-Study Analysis of NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament Broadcasts: Educational or Commercial Activity?
    Richard M. Southall and Mark S. Nagel
    Improving Communication Effects and Value in Professional Soccer: An Analysis of the Chinese Super League
    Qiwei Huang and Ryan M. Brewer
    Section II. Case Studies Related to Mediated Communication in Sport
    Chapter 1. Case Studies in Sport Mass Media
    Sports Journalists and England’s Barclays Premier League: A Case Study Examining Reporters’ Takes on Modern Football
    Danielle S. Coombs and Anne Osborne
    Attitudes of Sport Print Journalists About Developing Electronic Media Skills: A Case Study of Two Major Newspapers
    John P. McGuire and Ray Murray
    “Allez Wiggo”: A Case Study on the Reactions of the British Print Media to Bradley Wiggins’s Victory in the Tour de France
    Gerald Griggs, Tom Gibbons, Tony Rees, and Mark Groves
    Welcome to Nassau Mausoleum: A Case Study of Hockey Telecasts From ESPN’s Worst “Stadium Experience”
    Nicholas Hirshon
    The Impact of Global Sport on Local Media: A Case Study of Korean Newspaper Coverage of Women’s Golf
    Sang Keon Yoo
    Break Point: A Case Study of How Globalization and Technology Led to New Tennis Media Gatekeepers in the United States
    Daniel A. Gruber
    Chapter 2. Case Studies in Emerging and Social Media in Sport
    Education on the Digital Terrain: A Case Study Exploring College Athletes’ Perceptions of Social-Media Training
    Jimmy Sanderson, Blair Browning, and Annelie Schmittel
    Identity in Twitter’s Hashtag Culture: A Sport-Media-Consumption Case Study
    Lauren Reichart Smith and Kenny D. Smith
    #Fight4UNCWSwimandDive: A Case Study of How College Athletes Used Twitter to Help Save Their Teams
    Kevin Hull
    Characteristics of Users of a Mixed-Martial-Arts Blog: A Case Study of Demographics and Usage Trends
    Evan L. Frederick, Galen E. Clavio, Lauren M. Burch, and Matthew H. Zimmerman
    Covering the Scandal in 140 Characters: A Case Study of Twitter’s Role in Coverage of the Penn State Saga
    Jimmy Sanderson and Marion E. Hambrick
    Fan–Athlete Interaction and Twitter Tweeting Through the Giro: A Case Study
    Jeffrey W. Kassing and Jimmy Sanderson
    Section III. Case Studies related to Sport Communication Services and Support
    Chapter 1. Case Studies in Integrated Marketing Communication
    The Impact of Gamer Motives, Consumption, and In-Game Advertising Effectiveness: A Case Study of Football Sport Video Games
    Beth A. Cianfrone and James J. Zhang
    Winning With Apps: A Case Study of the Current Branding Strategies Employed on Professional Sport Teams’ Mobile Apps
    Brandi Watkins and Regina Lewis
    Does Advertising Mitigate the Negative Effects of Losing on Satisfaction and Conative Aspects of Sport Attendance? A Case Study in Intercollegiate Athletics
    Galen T. Trail, Hyungil Kwon, and Dean F. Anderson
    Use of an Organizational Weblog in Relationship Building: The Case of a Major League Baseball Team
    Stephen W. Dittmore, G. Clayton Stoldt, and T. Christopher Greenwell
    Commercial Programming at a Single-Sport Cable Channel: Strategies and Practices at Golf Channel
    Douglas M. Carroll
    Chapter 2. Case Studies in Public Relations and Crisis Communication
    Game Changer: A Case Study of Social-Media Strategy in Big Ten Athletic Departments
    Makayla Hipke and Frauke Hachtmann
    Revisiting Image-Restoration Strategies: An Integrated Case Study of Three Athlete Sex Scandals in Sports News
    Juan Meng and Po-Lin Pan
    The Lack of Risk Communication at an Elite Sports Event: A Case Study of the FINA 10 K Marathon Swimming World Cup
    John J. Miller and John T. Wendt
    Publishing for Paydirt: A Case Study of an Athletic Department Writer
    Molly Yanity
    Running a Social-Media Newsroom: A Case Study of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon
    Linda J. Schoenstedt and Jackie Reau
    “How Do You Prove a Negative?”: Roger Clemens’s Image-Repair Strategies in Response to the Mitchell Report
    Jimmy Sanderson
    Chapter 3. Case Studies in Sport Communication Research
    Media Industries and Sport Scandals: Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and the Manti Te’o Hoax
    Benjamin Burroughs and Travis Vogan
    Exploring the Factors Affecting Popularity in Social Media: A Case Study of Football Bowl Subdivision Head Coaches
    Jonathan A. Jensen, Shaina M. Ervin, and Stephen W. Dittmore
    Gender and Predictors of Multiplatform Media Uses: A Case Study of the Super Bowl
    Roger Cooper and Tang Tang
    A Case Study on Message-Board and Media Framing of Gay Male Athletes on a Politically Liberal Web Site
    Edward M. Kian
    Cards, Dice, and Male Bonding: A Case Study Examination of Strat-O-Matic Baseball Motives
    John S.W. Spinda, Daniel L. Wann, and Michael Sollitto

    About the Editor

    International Journal of Sport Communication

    Paul M. Pedersen, PhD, professor and director of sport management at Indiana University, has published several books, including Contemporary Sport Management (5th edition, 2014),Routledge Handbook of Sport Communication (2015), Communication and the Korean Sport Industry (2012), and Research Methods and Design in Sport Management (2011). He is also the author of more than 90 articles in peer-reviewed academic outlets, such as the Journal of Sport Management, Communication & Sport, European Sport Management Quarterly, the Journal of Sports Media, Sport Marketing Quarterly, and the Journal of Sports Economics. Inducted as a North American Society for Sport Management research fellow in 2009, Pedersen has participated in more than 80 refereed presentations at professional conferences and an additional 50 invited presentations in locations around the world, including Hungary, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, and China.

    In addition to his roles as founding editor of the International Journal of Sport Communication and editorial board member of nine other academic journals, he is a former sportswriter and sport business columnist whose primary scholarly interest lies at the intersection of communication and management in the sport industry. Pedersen is an inductee to the Golden Eagle Hall of Fame (East High School, Pueblo, Colorado). He received his PhD from Florida State University and now lives in Bloomington with his wife Jennifer and two of their children, Brock and Carlie. His two oldest children, Hallie and Zack, are undergraduate students at Indiana University.