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Baseball Skills & Drills Book/DVD Package

Baseball Skills & Drills Book/DVD Package

$64.95 USD

Available As


    Now you can combine the detailed instruction of the Baseball Skills & Drills book with the dynamic visual presentation of the DVD for the ultimate baseball package!

    Baseball Skills & Drills is the most comprehensive training book available for coaches and players at all levels. Packed with techniques that accelerate learning and improve execution, as well as tips and insights on how to better organize practices and correct common errors, you will learn the best skills and drills for improving overall performance at every stage of the game.

    With the ABCA's Baseball Skills & Drills DVD, you will learn how to organize better practices, gain a better understanding of what drills you need to develop fundamental baseball skills, and improve your chances at a winning season.

    Developed in conjunction with the American Baseball Coaches Association—the world's leading baseball coaching organization—the Baseball Skills & Drills book and DVD feature coaches from three of the nation's top collegiate baseball programs:

    -catching and pitching with Coach Pat McMahon of the University of Florida,

    -hitting and baserunning with Coach Mark Johnson of Texas A&M University, and

    -fielding with by Coach Jack Leggett of Clemson University.

    Human Kinetics DVDs are coded for universal playback and can be played in all regions of the world.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: Practicing and Developing Skills
    Drill Finder
    Key to Diagrams

    Part I: Offense
    Chapter 1. Hitting
    Chapter 2. Situational Hitting
    Chapter 3. Bunting
    Chapter 4. Base Running and Stealing
    Chapter 5. Sliding

    Part II: Defense
    Chapter 6. Throwing
    Chapter 7. Fielding Ground Balls
    Chapter 8. Fielding Fly Balls
    Chapter 9. Fielding Positions 3 Through 9
    Chapter 10. Executing Double Plays and Relays

    Part III: Pitching and Catching
    Chapter 11. Pitching Technique
    Chapter 12. Changing Speeds
    Chapter 13. Locating Pitches
    Chapter 14. Holding Runners
    Chapter 15. Pitcher Fielding Plays
    Chapter 16. Catching Technique
    Chapter 17. Catcher Fielding Plays

    About the Author

    This product was authored by Human Kinetics based on the contributions of:

    The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) has undertaken the mission of helping to improve the level of baseball coaching worldwide. The ABCA assists in the promotion of baseball and acts as a sounding board and advocate on issues concerning the various levels of baseball. Furthermore, the ABCA promotes camaraderie and rapport among all baseball coachesfrom the amatuer to professional levels. The ABCA also gives recognition to deserving players and coaches through several special sponsorship programs.

    The ABCA has more than 5,000 members, including coaches from every state in the country and over 200 international members. Quarterly mailings sent to members each year include newsletters, coaching digests, an ABCA coaches directory, and various website information. Members serve on a variety of committees essential to the functions of the ABCA. An elected executive committee and board of directors govern the ABCA.

    The ABCA remains true to the intentions of its founders in its strides to further its members' knowledge and awareness of the game of baseball. The association assists with the development and promotion of the game at all levels. The ABCA's headquarters are located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.