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Applied Sport Management Skills Web Study Guide-2nd Edition

Applied Sport Management Skills Web Study Guide-2nd Edition

$19.95 USD

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    Study Guide

    The companion web study guide is a dynamic and interactive tool that allows students to comprehend and practice information presented in the text with a variety of learning activities:

    • New sport and social media exercises and game plans for starting a sport business reappear in the web study guide to give students practice with real-world scenarios. 
    • Time-out sections are one- or two-sentence assignments that require students to think about the material and apply it to a work or sport situation.
    • Application exercises reinforce the material from the chapter through the use of a short series of questions and a bank of answers to choose from.
    • Review and discussion questions require students to synthesize the material from the chapter and help them fully comprehend the information.
    • Self-assessments are interactive exercises that provide insight into students’ management styles.

    For the second edition, the self-assessments, Applying the Concept, and Time-Out exercises appearing in the book are correspondingly numbered in the web study guide, where students may test their understanding with quizzes and other activities that further reinforce important concepts. The web study guide also provides additional learning material, including related Internet resources and questions that test students’ ability to gather information from sport-related websites. Many activities in the web study guide can be completed as graded class assignments, whereas others provide immediate correct or incorrect feedback to students.
    The web study guide is also available packaged with the print book or e-book. To purchase it separately, click on the Add to Cart button at the top of this page. Once the purchase is complete, sign in to the web study guide at