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Advanced Sports Nutrition 2nd Edition eBook

Advanced Sports Nutrition 2nd Edition eBook

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    Advanced Sports Nutrition helped thousands of athletes apply the most effective and cutting-edge strategies for optimal fueling and performance. Now this best-seller returns, updated with the latest research, topics, and innovations in sports nutrition.

    Far beyond the typical food pyramid formula, Advanced Sports Nutrition offers serious strategies for serious athletes. This comprehensive guide includes the latest nutrition concepts for athletes in any sport. World-renowned sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot breaks down the chemistry of improved performance into winning principles that ensure athletes’ key energy systems are properly stocked at all times:

    - Meal, energy, and nutrient timing guidelines to maintain that crucial energy balance throughout the day
    - Optimal ratios and quantities of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for any sport
    - Guidelines on indentifying and maintaining optimal body composition for maximal power, strength, and athletic performance
    - The latest research on ergogenic aids, such as quercitin and caffeine
    - Strategies for avoiding gastrointestinal distress during activity and reducing exercise-induced inflammation
    - The effects of travel, high altitude, and age on nutrition needs and performance
    - Strategies for balancing fluid and electrolytes to avoid dehydration and hyperhydration
    - Sport-specific guidelines for increased power, strength, and endurance

    The best conditioning programs and technical instruction are beneficial only if your body is properly fueled and ready to operate at peak efficiency. With Advanced Sports Nutrition, Second Edition, you can be assured that when you are ready to push the limits of training and competition, your body is, too.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Nutrition Sources for Athletes
    Chapter 1. Energy Nutrients
    Chapter 2. Vitamins and Minerals
    Chapter 3. Fluids and Electrolytes
    Chapter 4. Ergogenic Aids

    Part II Nutrition Aspects of Optimal Performance
    Chapter 5. G-I Function and Energy Delivery
    Chapter 6. Nutrient and Fluid Timing
    Chapter 7. Oxygen Transportation and Utilization
    Chapter 8. Strategies for Anti-Inflammation and Muscular Health

    Part III Factors Affecting Nutrition Needs
    Chapter 9. Travel
    Chapter 10. High Altitude
    Chapter 11. Gender and Age
    Chapter 12. Body Composition and Weight

    Part IV Nutrition Strategies for Specific Energy Systems
    Chapter 13. Anaerobic Metabolism for High-Intensity Bursts and Power
    Chapter 14. Aerobic Metabolism for Endurance
    Chapter 15. Metabolic Needs for Both Power and Endurance

    Part V Nutrition Plans for Specific Sports
    Chapter 16. Sports Requiring Power and Speed
    Chapter 17. Sports Requiring Endurance
    Chapter 18. Sports Requiring Combined Power and Endurance

    About the Author

    Dan Benardot, PhD, RD, LD, FACSM, is full professor at Georgia State University (GSU). He received his doctorate in human nutrition and health planning from Cornell University in 1980 and is a registered and licensed dietitian. Benardot’s primary area of expertise is sports nutrition, with a research emphasis in energy balance and nutrition issues related to young athletes. He cofounded and directs the Laboratory for Elite Athlete Performance at GSU.

    As the national team nutritionist and a founding member of the Athlete Wellness Program for USA Gymnastics, Benardot worked with the gold-medal-winning women’s gymnastics team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and the medal-winning U.S. marathoners at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. He also worked with the marathoners selected to represent the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He has served as an officer of the USA Figure Skating Sports Medicine Society and continues to work regularly with national team figure skaters. His research has been funded by several organizations, including the United States Olympic Committee, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, and the American Cancer Society.

    Benardot has received doctor of humane letters, honoris causa, from Marywood University and is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Born in Salonika, Greece, Benardot gained his love for sports while growing up in the Lake Placid region of northern New York. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he enjoys cello, tennis, and photography.


    Advanced Sports Nutrition offers practical applications backed by scientific research that will fuel your performance in any sport.”

    Beth Van Fleet -- Professional Beach Volleyball Player, Silver Medalist at the NORCECA Circuit

    "Every athlete who follows Dan Benardot's recommendations in Advanced Sports Nutrition will train and compete at a higher level. The guidebook is full of essential, practical, simplified information that will help any team or individual achieve better performances."

    Bob Larsen -- USTFCCCA Hall of Fame Inductee, Co-Chairman of the USATF Coaches Registry Task Force