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Strength Training for Baseball Print CE Course

Strength Training for Baseball Print CE Course

$129.00 USD

Product Format

    Course components are delivered as printed products:
    • Strength Training for Baseball text
    • Study guide
    • Continuing education exam (accessed online)
    Developed with the expertise of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Strength Training for Baseball CE Course explains the value of resistance training for baseball athletes—backed by practical experience, evidence-based training methodologies, and research. This course will help you understand the specific physical demands of each position—pitchers, catchers, middle infielders, corner infielders, center fielders, and corner outfielders—so you can design programs that translate to performance on the field. You will also find the following:
    • 13 detailed protocols to test baseball athletes’ strength, power, speed, agility, body composition, and anthropometry
    • 11 total body resistance exercises with 13 variations
    • 19 lower body exercises with 29 variations
    • 28 upper body exercises with 38 variations
    • 23 anatomical core exercises with 11 variations
    • 34 sample programs for off-season, preseason, in-season, and postseason resistance training
    Each resistance training exercise consists of a series of photos and a detailed list of primary muscles trained, beginning position and movement phases, modifications and variations, and coaching tips to guide you in selecting the right exercises for a program. You’ll also learn how to structure those programs based on the goals and length of each season and for each position.

    Learning Objectives
    After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:
    • Explain the importance of resistance training for baseball athletes.
    • Identify the most common injuries of baseball players.
    • Describe the different physical qualities related to performance and positions in baseball.
    • Describe and select appropriate testing protocols.
    • Select appropriate exercises for baseball athletes.
    • Describe training program variables for resistance training of baseball athletes.
    • Explain safe and effective exercise, spotting, and breathing techniques in the performance of resistance training exercises.
    • Identify primary muscles trained for specific resistance training exercises.
    • Describe goals, objectives, length, structure, and organization of a resistance training program for the off-season, preseason, in-season, and postseason.


    A continuing education course for strength and conditioning professionals, personal trainers, athletic trainers, and other professionals who supervise and train athletes for baseball.
    Foreword by Nolan Ryan
    Introduction by David J. Szymanski

    Part I. Principles of Sport-Specific Resistance Training

    Chapter 1. Importance of Resistance Training
    David J. Szymanski and Brad Lawson

    Chapter 2. Analysis of the Sport and Sport Positions
    A. Eugene Coleman and William E. Amonette

    Chapter 3. Testing Protocols and Athlete Assessment
    David J. Szymanski and Jose Vazquez

    Chapter 4. Sport-Specific Program Design Guidelines
    Sean Marohn and Zach Gjestvang

    Part II. Exercise Technique

    Chapter 5. Total Body Exercise Technique
    Jay Dawes

    Chapter 6. Lower Body Exercise Technique
    Matthew Krause and Rigo Febles

    Chapter 7. Upper Body Exercise Technique
    Paul Fournier

    Chapter 8. Anatomical Core Exercise Technique
    Nate Shaw and Derek Somerville

    Part III. Program Design Guidelines and Sample Programs

    Chapter 9. Off-Season Programming
    Patrick McHenry, Chris Joyner, and Joe Kessler

    Chapter 10. Preseason Programming
    Patrick McHenry, Chris Joyner, and Joe Kessler

    Chapter 11. In-Season Programming
    Patrick McHenry, Chris Joyner, and Joe Kessler

    Chapter 12. Postseason Programming
    Patrick McHenry, Chris Joyner, and Joe Kessler

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