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Functional Training Online CE Course

Functional Training Online CE Course

$129.00 USD


Product Format

    Course components can be delivered as printed products or online:

    • The text Functional Training

    • Study guide

    • Continuing education exam

    Offering strength, endurance, power, and sport-specific programming in an accessible style, the Functional Training CE Course covers the concepts, exercises, progressions, and sequencing on which a sound functional training program is based. It covers a range of modalities and exercises including body weight, bands and pulleys, dumbbells and kettlebells, medicine balls, stability balls, and other equipment that can be used at home or in a fitness facility.

    Functional Training features a three-tier approach for integrating functional movements into an existing strength program. Through assessment and analysis, you will identify the movements and muscles involved in your clients’ chosen sports or activities, then select the best exercises and programs based on desired results and performance goals. In addition to quick exercise sequences and personalized programming to address the big four sport skills, more comprehensive programs can be developed to address specific personal needs and goals for virtually any sport or activity.

    The study guide contains a course syllabus, chapter objectives, and end-of-chapter learning activities to prepare you for the continuing education exam at the conclusion of the course. In an ever-changing field, this course contains programs for all four major periodization cycles to improve function in any sport or activity.


    A continuing education course for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, fitness coaches, and group exercise instructors

    Part I: Course Syllabus

    Course Materials

    Course Instructions

    Learning Objectives

    Part II: Learn and Practice With the Functional Training Book

    Part I Function and Functional Training

    Chapter 1. Functional Training Defined

    Chapter 2. Foundations of Functional Training

    Chapter 3. Performance Continuum

    Part II Exercises

    Chapter 4. Essentials

    Chapter 5. Supporting Cast

    Part III Programs

    Chapter 6. Program Design

    Chapter 7. Pure Functional Programs

    Chapter 8. Hybrid Programming

    Chapter 9. Sport-Specific Programs

    Study Guide Answer Key

    Part III: Exam and Evaluation

    Exam Instructions

    Exam Answer Sheet


    Course Evaluation

    Certificate Information

    Juan Carlos Santana, MEd, CSCS, is the founder and director of the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) in Boca Raton, Florida. IHP has been recognized as one of the top training facilities in the world and the best core-training facility in the United States.

    Santana has been part of the strength and conditioning programs for several Florida Atlantic University sport teams over the last two decades. He is responsible for the strength and conditioning programs for men’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, track and field, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s swimming.

    A member and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Santana is also a member and certified health fitness instructor with the American College of Sports Medicine. In addition, he is a certified senior coach and club coach course instructor with the U.S. weightlifting team and a level I coach with USA Track and Field.

    Santana currently is on the NSCA Board of Directors and is a sport-specific conditioning editor for the NSCA Journal. His professional responsibilities have included serving as NSCA vice president, chairman of the NSCA Coaches Conference, a member of the NSCA Conference Committee, and the NSCA Florida state director. As a college professor, he has taught sport training systems and strength training at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). An FAU graduate with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in exercise science, Santana is involved in several ongoing research studies with numerous universities and is working on his PhD in exercise physiology.

    Founded in 2001, IHP provides an unparalleled training environment for elite athletes, including Olympic athletes in a variety of sports; world-class tennis champions; NFL, NHL, and MLB players; world champion Brazilian jujitsu and mixed martial arts fighters; numerous NCAA Division I teams; and hundreds of nationally ranked teen hopefuls from a cross-section of sport disciplines.

    "Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana is the preeminent personal trainer, period! Functional Training will provide you with key insights into the science and application of exercise training."

    Jose Antonio, PhD-- CEO of ISSN 

    “Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana is the premier trainer in America, and Functional Training is groundbreaking work in function and strength. There is simply no better resource on the planet.”

    Lee E. Brown, EdD, CSCS*D, FNSCA, FACSM-- Professor, Strength and Conditioning, Director, Center for Sport Performance, California State University at Fullerton, Editor, Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness

    "For over 30 years Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana has been raising the bar in the fitness industry. With Functional Training you will tap into the cutting-edge methods that have made him one of the world's leading authorities on functional training."

    Jeff Chandler, EdD, CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT*D, FNSCA, FACSM-- Professor, Jacksonville State University, Editor in Chief, Strength and Conditioning Journal

    "If you want to reach your potential as an athlete, there is no one I would trust more than Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana!”

    Mike Flynn-- 11-Year NFL Veteran, Super Bowl XXXV Champion

    “Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana is a fitness leader with a unique understanding of the science and practice of functional training. He creates superior results for duffers and high-performance athletes alike, and his book Functional Training will show you how to make the most of your training.”

    Stuart McGill, PhD-- Professor, University of Waterloo at Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    “With Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana’s training methods and guidance, I was able to fight at the highest level of mixed martial arts in the UFC and Pride Fighting Championships and reached the pinnacle of grappling by winning the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. The workout regimens in Functional Training will also prepare you for any competition.”

    Jeff “Snowman” Monson-- Pro MMA Fighter, ADCC Submission Wrestling World Champion

    “Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana develops innovative ideas and exercise programming with a training philosophy grounded in principles that generate positive results for his clients and athletes. In the past, I have called on JC for insight into training methodologies, and he has delivered. Gain those insights when reading Functional Training.”

    Chip Morton-- Strength and Conditioning Coach Cincinnati, Ohio

    “If you are looking for information on unlocking your potential and improving your performance, look no further than Functional Training.” 

    Jeff Nichols CSCS-- Exercise Physiologist, Virginia High Performance, LLC, Former Navy SEAL

    “Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Santana is one of the true pioneers of functional training. His creative exercises and programs have helped shape the way functional training is being used today.”

     CChris Poirier-- General Manager Perform Better