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Nondiet Weight Management Online CE Course-6th Edition

Nondiet Weight Management Online CE Course-6th Edition

$79.00 USD

Available As

    Online Course

    Course components are delivered online and include a continuing education exam.

    Nondiet Weight Management Online CE Course provides practical strategies for breaking the cycle of diet failure while maintaining nutritional health. Help your clients rethink their approach to food, increase physical activity, and improve self-image and lifestyle habits. Gain strategies that focus on eating and activity patterns—not weight or appearance—and achieve lasting benefits in health, fitness, and self-esteem.

    Course Objectives

    • Explain why dieting may fail to produce long-term weight loss.

    • Define diet mentality and identify three consequences of this belief.

    • List four ways studies that link obesity to health problems may be flawed.

    • Explain why weight loss may not be an indicator of improved health.

    • Describe how repeated attempts at weight loss through dieting can increase risk of physical and mental health problems.

    • List 10 alternative goals to weight loss as indicators of improved health.

    • Describe how the nondiet approach can be employed in therapeutic and lifestyle situations.

    • Identify five influences on body image and provide six suggestions for improving body image.

    • List five consequences of weight preoccupation.

    • Name and describe three basic body types.

    • Explain the role of carbohydrate and protein in appetite control.

    • Define the glycemic index and list six factors that affect glycemic response.

    • Explain how attempts to restrict high-fat foods may backfire.

    • List 10 possible indicators of rigid fat restriction.

    • List five indicators of an acquired taste for lower-fat foods.

    • Describe six methods of making gradual changes in food purchasing and preparation.

    • Contrast diet and nondiet approaches to portion control.

    • Explain how sensitivity to hunger, appetite, and satiety signals can be enhanced. Explain how dieting may influence cue sensitivity.

    • List 15 reasons—other than hunger—for eating.

    • Explain the role of fluids in the body, and list three ways fluids can be misused by dieters.

    • List five signs of dehydration.

    • Explain how clients can acquire a taste for less-sweet foods and fluids.

    • List six symptoms of exercise addiction.

    • Name and refute three myths about exercise.

    • List 11 indicators of lifestyle shift other than weight loss.


    A continuing education course for nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, and other health and fitness professionals

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. The Need for a New Approach

    Chapter 2. The Health at Every Size Approach

    Chapter 3. Nondiet Empowerment

    Chapter 4. Applying the Nondiet Approach

    Chapter 5. Breaking the Failure Cycle

    Chapter 6. Nondiet Nutrition Concepts

    Chapter 7. Moderating Dietary Fat

    Chapter 8. Hunger and Fullness

    Chapter 9. Fluid Management

    Chapter 10. The Role of Exercise

    Chapter 11. Lifestyle Strategies

    Chapter 12. Freedom from Counting for People with Diabetes

    Chapter 13. Five Healthcare Myths

    Chapter 14. The Journey to Building Momentum and Unity for Health at Every Size

    About the Author

    Linda Omichinski, RD, is a pioneer of the nondiet “health at every size” approach to health. An internationally known lecturer and promoter of self-empowerment techniques that de-emphasize weight as a measure of success, she authored the best-selling You Count, Calories Don’t, as well as numerous articles in professional and popular journals.

    Since 1987, Omichinski has been president of, which is a center for information and resources about nondieting and receives thousands of Internet visitors each week. She has developed a full line of programs, workshops, and resources through Hugs International Inc., including HUGS, The Alternative to Dieting, which is available through a network of licensed facilitators in six countries. HUGS stands for health focused, centered on understanding lifestyle behaviors, group supported, and self-esteem building.


    “The information in this course will help me modernize my clients’ thoughts on dieting and nutrition.”

    T. Rios—Meadow Vista, CA

    “This course definitely gave me tools to use with my clients and reaffirms that the number on the scale isn’t the only definition of success.”

    C. Harper—Muscatine, IA

    “I am a personal trainer and I’ve gained a new perspective on dieting through this course.”

    M. Vega—Lemoore, CA