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Conditioning to the Core Print CE Course

Conditioning to the Core Print CE Course

$139.00 USD

Product Format

    Print Course

    Course components can be delivered as printed products or online:

    • The text Conditioning to the Core

    • Webinar

    • Study guide

    • Continuing education exam

    Serious athletes train for results that make them winners on the field, pitch, course, or court. And the key to getting those results—to improving performance in any sport and at any level—is no secret. A strong, well-conditioned core is the lynchpin to athletic success.

    The Conditioning to the Core CE Course delivers all the information needed for training the torso and presents these concepts:

    • The core’s central role in originating and transferring strength and power, two requirements for superior performance

    9 The energy systems, strength and power foundations, and movement mechanics of any sport

    • More than 300 of the most effective exercises for strength, stability, and power

    • The way to design a comprehensive program based on athlete assessment and analysis followed by several sport-specific sample programs for reference

    Detailed photo sequences and expert instruction ensure you understand how to assist your clients in performing each exercise safely and efficiently. Color-coded stability, strength, and power training exercises, programs, and assessments provide all the tools for achieving high-performance goals. You will quickly identify and organize each component that addresses your clients’ needs, sports, and high-performance goals.

    The webinar offers additional expert insight from one of the book’s authors and enhances learning by offering more detail on the topic. The study guide contains a course syllabus, chapter objectives, and end-of-chapter learning activities to prepare you for the continuing education exam at the conclusion of the course. If your athletes are serious about performance, the Conditioning to the Core CE Course will help you coach them toward serious results.


    A continuing education course for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, fitness coaches, and exercise instructors

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: Course Syllabus

    Course Materials

    Course Instructions

    Learning Objectives

    Part 2: Learn and Practice With the Conditioning to the Core Book

    Part I Core Benefits

    Chapter 1. Key Sports Performance Factor

    Chapter 2. Anatomical Lynchpin

    Chapter 3. Injury Reduction

    Chapter 4. Strength and Power Source

    Chapter 5 Exercise Selection and Training Considerations

    Part II Core Stabilization Training

    Chapter 6. Anti-Extension Exercises

    Chapter 6. Anti-Rotation Exercises

    Chapter 8. Scapulothoracic Exercises

    Chapter 9. Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Exercises

    Part III Core Strength Training

    Chapter 10. Anti-Extension Exercises

    Chapter 11. Anti-Rotation Exercises

    Chapter 12. Scapulothoracic Exercises

    Chapter 12. Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Exercises

    Chapter 14. Total Core Exercises

    Part IV Core Power Training

    Chapter 15. Anti-Extension Exercises

    Chapter 16. Anti-Rotation Exercises

    Chapter 17. Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Exercises

    Part V Core Testing and Program Design

    Chapter 18. Core Assessment Tools

    Chapter 18. Complete Core Program

    Chapter 20. Advanced Core Programs

    Chapter 21. Sport-Specific Core Programs

    Part 3: Exam and Evaluation

    Exam Instructions

    Exam Answer Sheet


    Course Evaluation

    Certificate Information

    About the Author

    Greg Brittenham was assistant coach for player development and team conditioning with the New York Knicks for 20 years and director of athletic performance for men's and women's basketball at Wake Forest University from 2011 to 2014. He was also the director of the Center for Athletic Performance at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport. In addition to NBA players, he has advised and trained athletes in the NFL and MLB, several No. 1 and many more top 10 tennis players, and international champions in gymnastics and cycling.

    In 1993, Brittenham visited southeast Alaska for a summer basketball camp and fell in love with the spectacular region. After returning to visit each year since that trip, in 2014 he finally decided to make Alaska his home and now coaches basketball and teaches physical education at Haines High School.

    Brittenham authored Complete Conditioning for Basketball (Human Kinetics, 1995) and coauthored Stronger Abs and Back (Human Kinetics, 1997) with his father, Dean Brittenham, a pioneer in the field of strength and conditioning.

    Daniel Taylor, MS, PES, CSCS, is the head strength and conditioning coach at Siena College and oversees those efforts for all 18 Division I varsity programs at the college. He has trained athletes who have advanced to the professional level in soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball. Taylor was part of Siena men's basketball's historic three consecutive championships (2008-2010) that led to two first-round wins in the NCAA tournament (2008 and 2009).

    Taylor previously worked with men's and women's basketball at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, and with the New York Knicks training camps. He has been a speaker at numerous clinics and workshops in the Northeast geared to high school– through college-level athletes. Originally from North Yorkshire, England, he now resides in Scotia, New York.

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    Leah Dearman
    Conditioning to the core

    One of the best purchases I have made professionally!