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Massage for Sport Performance

Massage for Sport Performance

$26.95 USD

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    Train harder, recover quickly, and improve performance! Today’s top athletes rely on sport massage to stay healthy, at the top of their game, and a step ahead of the competition. With Massage for Sport Performance, you can too.

    In this special book and DVD package, renowned sport massage therapist Michael McGillicuddy demonstrates the same techniques he has used to train and prepare the world’s elite track and field athletes for Olympic competition. Massage for Sport Performance will show you how to

    • perform both self-massage and partner-assisted massage;
    • administer the most effective routines for pre- and postcompetition;
    • stretch, warm up, and activate primary muscles;
    • treat critical muscle groups for elevated performance;
    • speed recovery; and
    • minimize injury, pain, and fatigue.

    Throughout you’ll also find advice, tips, and variations for specific sports as well as massage recommendations for basketball, running, track and field, soccer, and swimming.

    With step-by-step instruction, photo sequences, and video demonstrations of the primary techniques, Massage for Sport Performance is the definitive guide for players, coaches, and athletes alike.

    Table of Contents

    Part I

    Chapter 1 History and Introduction to Sport Massage

    Chapter 2 Sport Massage Equipment

    Chapter 3 Getting to Know the Muscles

    Chapter 4 Preevent Massage

    Chapter 5 Postevent Massage

    Part II

    Chapter 6 Stretching

    Chapter 7 Application of Pre- and Postevent Massage

    Chapter 8 Injury Recovery Sport Massage

    Chapter 9 Sport-Specific Treatments

    About the Author

    American Massage Therapy-certified sport massage therapist Michael McGillicuddy is a sports massage certified massage is therapist and a sought-after professional in his field. He has worked with numerous elite athletes and at national competitions for the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the U.S. Figure Skating Association, U.S. Fencing, and at the Atlanta Olympic Games.

    McGillicuddy graduated from the Florida School of Massage Therapy and is an approved provider for the Florida State Board of Massage Therapy and the national certification for massage and bodywork. His education has been shaped by leading sport massage therapists, including Benny Vaughn, Jack Meagher, Aaron Mattes, and Rich Phaigh.

    McGillicuddy owns the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy in Winter Park, Florida, where he teaches and practices sport massage. He lives in Orlando, Florida.


    “Michael McGillicuddy offers clear and organized information for results-oriented outcomes.”

    Benny Vaughn LMT, ATC, CSCS -- Athletic Therapy Center, Fort Worth, Texas USA

    “From pre- and postevent massage to injury prevention, assessment, and treatment, athletes—and therapists—will benefit from the breadth and depth of Massage for Sport Performance.”

    Leslie A. Young, PhD -- Editor in Chief, Massage & Bodywork Magazine