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Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games eBook

Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games eBook

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    Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games offers a comprehensive history of the Olympic movement. It is not a record book full of sterile results and statistics. Rather, it is an insightful and accessible exploration of the history of the Olympics and how big a role politics has played since the modern Games began in 1896. The book covers the entire 20th century and includes Sydney's bid and preparation for their 2000 Games.

    This book provides an analytical and judicious interpretation of the myths surrounding the games and shows you the political and economic realities as ritual, sports, politics, and show business are combined in the largest regularly scheduled international gathering in the world. You'll learn who serves on the International Olympic Committee and what they do, how the various host cities are chosen, and even which countries, teams, and athletes get to participate. The unique visibility of the Games make them an attractive target for political and social causes, and Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games discusses in detail many of these controversies.

    Many of today's controversies are not all that new, and Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games offers you a unique historical perspective into the who, what, when, where, how, and—most importantly—why behind the many disputes and conflicts that have plagued the modern Games.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: The Formative Years
    Chapter 1. The Olympic Family
    Chapter 2. Coubertin’s Creation
    Chapter 3. Starting Anew
    Chapter 4. The Berlin Games

    Part II: The Brundage Era
    Chapter 5. Another War
    Chapter 6. Entry of the Soviets
    Chapter 7. The Cold War Arena
    Chapter 8. Brundage: The Idealist at the Helm
    Chapter 9. The Issue of Political Discrimination
    Chapter 10. Brundage’s Troubled Last Term

    Part III: “Opening” the Games
    Chapter 11. Seeking the Lee
    Chapter 12. Boycott!
    Chapter 13. …and Again!
    Chapter 14. Reconstructing the Olympic Edifice
    Chapter 15. The Last Cold War Games
    Chapter 16. The Collapse of the Soviet Union
    Chapter 17. The Capitalist Centennial Games
    Chapter 18. From Atlanta to Nagano
    Chapter 19. Entering the 21st Century