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Athlete's Guide to Diabetes With CE Exam, The

Athlete's Guide to Diabetes With CE Exam, The

$89.00 USD

Available As

    Online Course

    The package components are delivered online:
    • The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes ebook
    • Continuing education exam
    Whether you’re working with recreational exercisers or competitive athletes, The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes With CE Exam has the training and performance advice you need to help your clients remain active while effectively managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

    Renowned researcher and diabetes expert Dr. Sheri Colberg offers best practices and tips for managing blood glucose levels for athletes of all ages. Sheprovides the most up-to-date information on
    • insulin and other medications and their effects on exercise,
    • nutritional practices and supplements, including low-carbohydrate eating,
    • the latest technologies used to manage glucose, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM),
    • injury prevention and treatment as well as tactics for diabetes-related joint issues, and
    • mental strategies for maximizing performance and optimizing health.
    Upon completing the book, certified professionals can take the companion CE exam to earn continuing education credits.

    Learning Objectives
    After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:
    • Summarize the types of exercise training that adults with diabetes should engage in.
    • Explain the importance of different types of physical activity to diabetes management.
    • Describe the basics of energy systems and how exercise metabolism is altered by diabetes.
    • List the types of medications prescribed to manage blood glucose and describe their impact on activity.
    • Understand dietary practices related to exercise and alterations for people with diabetes.
    • Recognize the emerging role of technologies in diabetes exercise management.
    • Assess the safety and effectiveness of exercise by those with diabetes-related health complications.
    • Predict the mind-set of an athlete with diabetes that will lead to success.
    • List the most common athletic injuries and how to prevent or avoid them.
    • Explain the changes to diabetes regimens (diet, insulin) that may be needed during physical activity.
    • Summarize the usual practices of active individuals with diabetes who engage in a variety of fitness, endurance, power-endurance, power, and recreational sports activities.

    Table of Contents

    Part I. The Athlete’s Toolbox    
    Chapter 1.
    Training Basics for Fitness and Sports    
    Chapter 2. Balancing Exercise Blood Glucose    
    Chapter 3. Ups and Downs of Insulin and Other Medications    
    Chapter 4. Eating Right and Supplementing for Activity     
    Chapter 5.
    Using Technology and Monitoring to Enhance Performance    
    Chapter 6. Thinking and Acting Like an Athlete    
    Chapter 7. Preventing and Treating Athletic Injuries     

    Part II. Guidelines for Specific Activities    
    Chapter 8.
    Fitness Activities    
    Chapter 9. Endurance Sports    
    Chapter 10. Endurance–Power Sports    
    Chapter 11. Power Sports    
    Chapter 12. Outdoor Recreation and Sports     

    Appendix A.
    Diabetes, Sports, and Related Organizations
    Appendix B. Diabetes, Sports, and Nutrition Websites