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Smarter Recovery epub

Smarter Recovery epub

A Practical Guide to Maximizing Training Results

$32.95 USD


Product Format
    Many fitness and wellness resources stress the importance of getting in a good workout. Often overlooked is recovery. Without proper recovery, you won’t be fully prepared for your next session—or reap the full benefits of your training. Smarter Recovery changes that, delivering evidence-based information and practical advice to effectively integrate this essential step into your routine.

    Pete McCall, renowned personal trainer and author of the top-selling Smarter Workouts, cuts through the hype to explain what you really need to maximize your recovery and feel your best. With 60 exercises and stretches for recovery and mobility, Smarter Recovery breaks down the most effective tools, techniques, and methods, including these:
    • Massage stick
    • Foam roller
    • Percussion gun
    • Static stretching
    • Mobility exercises
    • Low-intensity strength exercises
    You’ll also learn the importance of nutrition and sleep in recovery and learn how to create a long-term plan to help you feel your best. Case studies further demonstrate how to use the information in applicable situations. Simply put, Smarter Recovery takes the guesswork out of the process to help everyone—from fitness professionals to weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts—identity the most effective recovery methods for their needs.

    Earn continuing education credits/units! A continuing education exam that uses this book is also available. It may be purchased separately or as part of a package that includes both the book and exam.


    Fitness enthusiasts as well as personal trainers and other fitness professionals who want to maximize fitness results with effective recovery methods.
    Part I. Recovery Explained

    Chapter 1. Understanding the Need for Recovery
    When Fatigue Becomes a Bad Thing
    Functional Overreaching
    How to Identify OTS
    Developing the Recovery Mindset

    Chapter 2. Impact of Intensity
    Quantify the Intensity
    How Moderate-to-High-Intensity Exercise Affects Your Body

    Chapter 3. Systems Overload
    Exercise Is Stress
    Stress and the Nervous System
    Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
    Exercise and the Immune System

    Chapter 4. Fascia and Foam Rolling
    The Myofascial Network
    Maintaining Healthy Muscle Tissue
    Biotensegrity and the Human Body
    How Muscle Tightness Affects Your Body
    The Benefits of Myofascial Release

    Chapter 5. Recovery Methods
    Stress Requires a Specific Method of Recovery
    Recovery Strategies
    Timing of Recovery

    Part II. Strategies for Optimal Recovery

    Chapter 6. Immediate Recovery: The First 24 Hours
    Creating Balance Between Exercise and Recovery
    Account for the After-Burn
    Accelerating the Return to Homeostasis
    Tissue Repair
    Identifying the Best Recovery Strategies for Your Needs

    Chapter 7. The Day After a Workout: Exercises for Active Recovery
    Why You’re Sore
    Stability-Mobility Relationships in the Body
    Mobility Exercises for Active Recovery Workouts
    Massage Stick
    Foam Roller
    Percussion Gun
    Static Stretching
    Suspension Trainer
    Cable Machine

    Part III. Plan for Recovery

    Chapter 8. Long-Term Planning for Recovery
    Building Recovery Into Your Long-term Workout Plans
    Designing Exercise Programs to Maximize Recovery
    The Variables of Exercise Program Design
    How to Increase Strength and Power Output
    Applying the Variables to Your Workouts
    Plan Your Week of Workouts
    Plan a Year-Long Training Program

    Chapter 9. Daily Healthy Habits to Promote Recovery
    Your Metabolism
    The Role of Protein
    The Role of Carbohydrates
    The Role of Fat
    Sleep: The Ultimate Recovery Method
    Pete McCall is the director of education for EoS Fitness, the host of the All About Fitness podcast, a strength coach, and a fitness educator. He is certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and he holds a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

    Frequently quoted as a fitness expert in publications such as the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, U-T San Diego Union Tribune, Time, Men’s Fitness, SELF, Glamour, U.S. News & World Report, and Shape magazine, McCall is a sought-after resource for accurate, in-depth insight into how to get results from exercise. Besides working with individual clients and teaching group fitness classes, he has more than a decade of experience in educating personal trainers around the world, including teaching for both ACE and NASM.

    McCall is a former exercise physiologist for ACE, where he helped create the Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) model, write the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, and develop education workshops on metabolic conditioning, movement-based training, and youth fitness. He is a master trainer for Core Health & Fitness (the parent company of Nautilus, StairMaster, Star Trac, and Schwinn), a content contributor for 24 Hour Fitness, and an adjunct faculty member in exercise science at both Mesa Community College and San Diego State University. He has delivered wellness education talks for the U.S. Navy (at Naval Air Station North Island), the White House, the World Bank, the International Association of Fire Fighters, and Reebok.

    McCall earned his master's of science degree in exercise science and health promotion from the California University of Pennsylvania, and he holds the Fellow in Applied Functional Science credential from the Gray Institute.

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