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Strength Zone Training Online CE Exam

Strength Zone Training Online CE Exam

$129.00 USD

Product Format

    Online Course

    This product is delivered online:
    • Continuing education exam
    • NOTE: The text Strength Zone Training is required for successful completion of this exam but is not included in this version. Purchase this version only if you already own the text or ebook.
    Consisting of 75 multiple-choice and true-false questions, this continuing education exam is designed to be taken after reading Strength Zone Training. The exam will test your knowledge of the information presented in the book, so you can help clients train each muscle’s full range of motion.

    Learning Objectives
    After reading the book and successfully completing the 75-question exam, you will be able to do the following:
    • Define range of motion training and assess the benefits of working through the muscle’s true full range of motion.
    • Identify and apply the rules for training through the true full range of motion.
    • Recognize each strength zone category and identify exercises for each respective category.
    • Evaluate the beginner’s program and explain how the three phases differ from one another.
    • Evaluate and explain the differences between programs that require two to six workouts per week.
    • Identify the most effective muscle-building strategies.


    Personal trainers, strength and conditioning professionals, and other certified fitness professionals.


    Nick Tumminello is an internationally recognized fitness professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He is the inventor of the NT Loop (, which is a world-class resistance band.

    With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Nick has trained thousands of clients, including professional NFL players, figure and bodybuilding athletes, and plenty of ordinary people. Still coaching clients today, Nick understands the challenges that everyday athletes and active adults face.

    Tumminello has been a fitness professional since 1998 and co-owned a private training center in Baltimore, Maryland, from 2001 to 2011. He has worked with a variety of exercise enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels, including physique and performance athletes from the amateur level to the professional ranks. From 2002 to 2011, Tumminello was the strength and conditioning coach for the Ground Control MMA team. He has been a consultant and expert for clothing and equipment companies such as Sorinex, Dynamax, Hylete, Reebok, and Power Systems.

    Nick has authored three best-selling books: Strength Training for Fat Loss, Building Muscle and Performance, and Your Workout PERFECTED. He has been featured in two exercise books on the New York Times best seller list, on the home page of Yahoo! and YouTube, and in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual. In 2015 Tumminello was inducted into the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame. Nick was the 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year, and he is the editor in chief of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Personal Training Quarterly journal.

    From massive industry conferences to private team development events, Nick has racked up hundreds of speaking engagements all over the world. He is passionate about bringing the best fitness and performance information to trainers, athletes, and active adults in the most practical way possible.

    When the best coaches and organizations in the fitness industry want proven, research-backed information, Nick is their trusted resource.

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