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Language of Coaching Online CE Exam With Print Book, The

Language of Coaching Online CE Exam With Print Book, The

$120.00 USD $149.00 USD


Product Format
    This package includes the following:
    • The Language of Coaching book
    • Online continuing education exam
    The Language of Coaching focuses on the impact that communication has on an individual’s ability to learn and perform a movement. Written by performance coach Nick Winkelman, the book examines how instruction, feedback, and cueing can significantly affect training outcomes. Grounded in motor learning and the science of attentional focus, Winkelman takes you on a journey, guiding you through practical coaching frameworks that will help you adapt your language to the learning needs of those you support.

    Packed with stunning visuals, the book provides over 25 movement sequences that outline different types of coaching cues, including a visual depiction of unique analogies, such as a sprinter taking off like a jet or an athlete loading into a jump like a spring. The book is filled with a comprehensive collection of cueing frameworks that guide you through the process of creating your own cues for any movement you want to teach. You will also learn how to engage in more productive conversation with your athletes through sample dialogue that uses the book’s cueing philosophy.

    After reading the book, certified professionals can take the companion CE exam to earn continuing education credits.

    Learning Objectives
    • Describe learning and the 3P Performance Profile.
    • Explain the role that attention, deliberate practice, and state of mind play in the coaching of athletes.
    • Explain forms of memory and the process through which memories are created.
    • Define the coaching communication loop.
    • Employ the 3P Performance Profile to practice 3D cueing.
    • Describe analogies and the model for using this essential coaching tool.
    • Explain habit cueing and employ the cueing grid for effective coaching.
    • Apply cues and analogies to movements commonly used to develop strength.
    • Apply cues and analogies to movements commonly used to develop power.
    • Apply cues and analogies to movements commonly used to develop speed.


    Personal trainers, strength and conditioning professionals, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other certified fitness professionals.
    Foreword by Daniel Coyle

    Part I. Learn

    Chapter 1. Learn This
    Learning: A Primer
    Part 1: The Profile
    Part 2: The Process
    Part 3: The Distinction

    Chapter 2. Pay Attention
    Attention: A Primer
    Attention at Work
    Part 1: Out of Focus
    Part 2: Coming Into Focus
    Part 3: In Focus

    Chapter 3. Remember When
    Memory: A Primer
    What’s in a Memory?
    Part 1: Working Memory
    Part 2: Long-Term Memory
    Part 3: Making Memories

    Part II. Coach

    Chapter 4. Finding Focus
    Cueing: A Primer
    Part 1: A Cue Is Born
    Part 2: The Dark Side of the Cue
    Part 3: You Gotta Be Choking Me

    Chapter 5. Cue It Up
    Constructing Cues: A Primer
    Part 1: Cueing in 3D
    Part 2: Cue Tips
    Part 3: Clarifying Internal Cues

    Chapter 6. Going Analog
    Analogies: A Primer
    Part 1: Mental Maps
    Part 2: Similarity
    Part 3: Familiarity

    Part III. Cue

    Chapter 7. The Road Map
    Habits: A Primer
    The Habit Instinct
    The Habit of Cueing
    Habit Upgrade: A Three-Step Process
    Fishing for Cues

    Chapter 8. Strong Cueing
    Upper-Body Push/Horizontal/Two-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press
    Upper-Body Push/Vertical/Two-Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    Upper-Body Pull/Horizontal/One-Arm One-Leg Dumbbell Row
    Upper-Body Pull/Vertical/Pull-Up
    Lower-Body Push/Two-Leg Front Squat
    Lower-Body Push/One-Leg Squat to Bench
    Lower-Body Push/Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
    Lower-Body Pull/Two-Leg Romanian Deadlift
    Lower-Body Pull/One-Leg Romanian Deadlift

    Chapter 9. Powerful Cueing
    Countermovement/Vertical Jump
    Countermovement/Horizontal Jump
    Countermovement/Vertical Hop
    Countermovement/Lateral Bound
    Noncountermovement/Squat to Throw
    Noncountermovement/Vertical Toss
    Noncountermovement/Chest Pass
    Noncountermovement/Rotational Throw

    Chapter 10. Fast Cueing
    Linear Speed/Three-Point Start
    Linear Speed/Acceleration
    Linear Speed/Absolute Speed
    Multidirectional Speed/45-Degree Cut
    Multidirectional Speed/Side-Step Cut
    Multidirectional Speed/180-Degree Cut
    Multidirectional Speed/Crossover to Sprint
    Multidirectional Speed/Crossover Run
    Multidirectional Speed/Drop Step to Sprint
    Multidirectional Speed/Backpedal
    Nick Winkelman, PhD, is the head of athletic performance and science for the Irish Rugby Football Union. His primary role is to oversee the delivery and development of strength and conditioning and sports science across all national and provincial teams. Prior to working for Irish Rugby, Winkelman was the director of education and training systems for EXOS, where he directed the development and execution of all educational initiatives. As a performance coach, he oversaw the speed component of the EXOS NFL Combine Development Program, and he has supported a variety of athletes across professional and elite level sport.

    Winkelman completed his doctorate through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions with a dissertation focus on motor skill learning and sprinting. He is a recognized speaker and consultant on human performance and coaching science. He has written numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed papers focusing on the intersection between coaching language and athlete learning.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Don Reagan
    Seminal Text

    This work by Nick Winkelman and human kinetics is excellent! This is a seminal text that I recommend for all early career professionals in our industry. The CE exam challenged me to dig deeply into the content and I enjoyed it. Thank You!

    Filipe Pereira
    Language of Coaching Online CE Exam

    Great course, highly recommended. The exam was a bit tough but i am glad it was, it pushes us to work harder.

    Jon-Michael Ervin
    Incredible content

    This in-depth material is a great read