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Teaching FUNdamental Gymnastics Skills

Teaching FUNdamental Gymnastics Skills

$45.00 USD

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    Now you can teach or coach gymnastics—even if you don't have a gymnastics background—and ensure that every child learns and succeeds.

    Teaching FUNdamental Gymnastics Skills is a hands-on guide that provides you with a strong foundation in exploratory gymnastic skills as well as formal gymnastic skills and helps you bridge the gap between the two approaches.

    A unique feature of Teaching FUNdamental Gymnastics Skills is the use of specific verbal cues for different learning styles. You'll get “kinder” cues appropriate for young learners, plus cues that address these learning styles:

    - logical/mathematical
    - visual/spatial
    - bodily/kinesthetic
    - musical/rhythmical
    - verbal/linguistic

    The book covers these essential teaching topics:

    - Foundational positions and movements that form the building blocks for all gymnastics skills
    - How fundamental skills fit together to make complex movements and sequences
    - Common errors in gymnastics skills and how to correct them
    - Hard-to-find safety information, including injury prevention and tips for spotting

    This well-organized book also covers skill progressions and lead-ups for floor, beam, springboard/vault, and bars. Each skill includes practical information you can use for individual or small-group work at stations: a complete description, common errors, spotting information and checklists.

    Additional special features include the following:

    - A movement chart, in each chapter, outlines the skill progressions
    - Sequential illustrations clarify skill sequences and progressions
    - A skillfinder chart makes it easy to find skill descriptions based on level of difficulty

    Learn how to deliver effective and safe gymnastics instruction in an educational setting, no matter what your experience or comfort level. Teaching FUNdamental Gymnastics Skills is a great way to get started in teaching gymnastics, build students' confidence, and introduce fun programs.


    Current and future grade 6-12 physical education teachers; recreational gymnastics instructors; gymnastics club owners, instructors, and coaches; college and university gymnastics activity instructors; serious gymnasts and their parents.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Gymnastics Basics: Teaching Safely, Teaching Well
    Safety First
    Teaching Effectively

    Chapter 2 Exploratory Gymnastics
    Exploring Body Awareness
    Exploring Body Positions
    Exploring Balance and Flexibility
    Exploring Support Skills
    Exploring Locomotor Skills
    Exploring Turns
    Exploring Twisting Rotations
    Exploring Sideward Tumbling
    Exploration and Lead-Ups for Apparatus
    Exploring the Vault Approach
    Exploring Bars
    Combinations and Routines

    Chapter 3 Foundational Positions and Movements
    Body Awareness Terminology
    Basic Body Positions
    Foundational Body Positions
    Foundational Positions for Legs and Arms
    Foundational Balances
    Foundational Support
    Locomotor Skills: Alternating Foot Patterns
    Locomotor Skills
    Locomotor Skills: Landing on One Foot
    Rotational Movements: Turns

    Chapter 4 Floor Exercise
    Balance Skills
    Support Skills
    Inverted Supports
    Locomotor Skills: Alternating Foot Patterns
    Locomotor Skills: Jumps
    Locomotor Skills: Landing on One Foot
    Rotational Movements
    Horizontal Circular Rotations: Rolls
    Forward and Backward Rolls
    Sideward Rotational Movements
    Medial Circular Rotations: Round-Off
    Horizontal Circular Movements: Back Walkover
    Horizontal Circular Movements: Front Walkover
    Horizontal Circular Movements: Handspring
    Combinations and Routines

    Chapter 5 Balance Beam
    Hand Placements for Balance Beam
    Approaches to Balance Beam
    Basic Body Positions and Balances
    Support Positions
    Inverted Supports: Handstands
    Locomotor Skills: Alternating Foot Patterns
    Locomotor Skills: Two-Foot Jumps
    Locomotor Skills: One-Foot Jumps
    Longitudinal Rotations: Turns
    Sideward Rotations: Cartwheel
    Horizontal Circular Movements

    Chapter 6 Springboard and Vault
    Vault Approach and Springboard Skills
    Vault Skills on Floor and Folded Mats
    Front Handspring Vault
    Vault Technique

    Chapter 7 Bars
    Grip Positions
    Hangs From Bars
    Inverted Hangs
    Suspended and Swinging Skills
    Rotational Movements

    About the Author

    Debby Mitchell, EdD, has been teaching physical education since 1978 and gymnastics since 1987. She is an associate professor at the University of Central Florida, where she is helping to develop a new undergraduate degree program in sport and fitness.

    Mitchell is a national leader in technology integration. The video laser disk for gymnastics that she developed over a decade ago was the inspiration for this book. She frequently does presentations at state and national conferences on integrating technology into education.

    Raim Lopez, MA, has taught gymnastics since 1981. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Central Florida and a fitness specialist who promotes and sells individualized fitness programs. Previously, he taught health and fitness at the elementary school level.

    In 1992, Lopez received an award for the Most Innovative Physical Education Program in Florida from the Florida Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. In 2001, he won the Disney “Teacherrific” Award.

    Barbara Davis has been coaching and teaching gymnastics for 20 years. She is coauthor and national clinician with USA Gymnastics' Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT). She has been a clinician for USA Gymnastics since 1984 at state, regional, and national congresses. She has presented twice at the International Scientific Congress at the world championships. She was the technical writer for the text and developer of the verbal learning cues for specific learning styles.