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5K and 10K Training PDF

5K and 10K Training PDF

$19.95 USD


Product Format

    Make your workouts count with the breakthrough system that synchronizes your energy levels with your training effort. Instead of fighting your body to finish a workout just because it’s written on the calendar, choose the most effective workout from 5K and 10K Training based on your body’s capacity to perform at any given time.

    Effort-based training maximizes training adaptation by matching the goal of each workout with its optimal training level: hard when energy is high and recovery is adequate, and easy when energy is low and you’re under physical stress. Effort-based training also gives you the most control over the training process, allowing you to stay injury free while actually increasing the energy you have available for workouts. Sample programs contain a variety of schedules and detailed workouts for developing five race-specific abilities.

    Run stronger and faster with more energy by using the proven system in 5K and 10K Training. With customizable programs to choose from and accompanying training logs you can use to record and evaluate your progress, this unique system is the fastest way to reach your training goals.

    Chapter 1 Understanding Effort and Energy

    Chapter 2 Structuring Racing Effort

    Chapter 3 Practicing the Five Racing Abilities

    Chapter 4 Scheduling Workout Effort

    Chapter 5 Balancing Effort and Fatigue

    Chapter 6 Programming Your Training

    Chapter 7 Designing Workouts to Build Ability

    Chapter 8 Tailoring 5K & 10K Programs

    Chapter 9 Tracking Your Progress

    Brian Clarke is one of Hawaii's foremost fitness trainers. He began his coaching career in 1979 as director of the Honolulu Marathon Association's Advanced Runner Training Program. Under the aegis of BC Endurance Trainings, he currently directs nine annual programs, preparing hundreds of athletes for Hawaii's major marathon and triathlon events.

    Clarke ran a 4:06 mile in 1965 under the legendary University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman. He may be reached through his Web site,, or by e-mail at Clarke and his wife, Nancy Heck, reside in Honolulu.

    "Brian Clarke takes complex training systems and makes them easy to understand. His many tables and charts will guide you to your best training paces and recovery efforts, and guarantee that you find your personal best training program."

    Amby Burfoot -- Executive Editor, Runner's World magazine; Winner, 1968 Boston Marathon

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