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Sport and Recreation in Canadian History

Sport and Recreation in Canadian History

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    Serving as a foundation for critical discussion about the importance of the past, Sport and Recreation in Canadian History covers the historical events, people, and moments that shape Canadian sport in the present and future. This text is unique in its focus on grassroots competition and local sport history across the country—representing the masses rather than just national champions. This approach encourages readers to think about sport history in their own local contexts and demonstrates how local sports have made Canadian sport what it is today.

    The editor, Dr. Carly Adams, and her 17 contributing experts from across Canada bring the latest research in all areas of Canadian sport history to life and present a thorough look at the nation’s past events. The text challenges the dominant narratives and encourages students to think critically about Canadian sport history. It focuses on the entire country and on the influence that key moments in smaller regions had on the larger sport historical picture in Canada. Each chapter provides a historical scaffolding that leads into philosophical discussions about the issues raised. The content is compelling, effective, and accessible for readers.

    Sport and Recreation in Canadian History separates itself from its competitors by providing an abundance of pedagogical aids. Sidebars highlighting prominent people provide glimpses of figures who made a significant impact on Canadian sport history. Transformative Moment sidebars focus on significant events as they relate to specific themes, such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or ability. A comprehensive time line showcases where important events fell in relation to one another. Examples of primary source documents—such as newspaper articles, photographs, and historical documents—are accompanied by explanations of how sport historians work with these documents.

    Sport and Recreation in Canadian History asks readers to think differently about the history of Canadian sport, and it examines how past people, moments, and events continue to shape 21st-century sport.


    Undergraduate students studying sport history in physical education, kinesiology, or human kinetics programs across Canada. A reference for academic libraries and sport studies researchers.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Sport and Recreation Histories Matter
    Carly Adams

    Chapter 2. Methods and Theory in Historical Research
    Sarah Barnes and Mary Louise Adams

    Chapter 3. Indigenous Peoples’ Cultures and Physical Activity
    Braden Te Hiwi

    Chapter 4. Case Studies of Indigenous Sport in Canada
    Janice Forsyth

    Chapter 5. Colonial Encounters, Conservation, and Sport Hunting in Banff National Park
    Courtney W. Mason

    Chapter 6. The Impact of Industrialization on Sport, Recreation, and the Environment
    Robert Kossuth and Dave McMurray

    Chapter 7. Ideological Struggles and the Emergence of Cricket, Lacrosse, and Baseball
    Craig Greenham

    Chapter 8. The Development and Organization of Professional Sport in Canada
    Robert Kossuth

    Chapter 9. Hockey, Identity, and Nationhood
    Carly Adams, Russell Field, and Michel Vigneault

    Chapter 10. Rereading Histories of Inclusive Recreation, Physical Education, and Sport
    Danielle Peers and Lisa Tink

    Chapter 11. Black Canadian Sporting Histories in the 19th and 20th Centuries
    Ornella Nzindukiyimana and Kevin B. Wamsley

    Chapter 12. The Sports–Media Complex and Canadian Culture
    Stacy Lorenz and Jay Scherer

    Chapter 13. The Assertion of Canada’s Colonial Self in National and International Sport
    Christine M. O'Bonsawin

    Chapter 14. At Home and Abroad: Canada’s Engagement With International Sport and Recreation
    Russell Field

    Chapter 15. Reflection on the Field: Sports Histories, Timelines, and De-Centring Settler Colonial Perspective
    Carly Adams

    About the Editor

    Carly Adams, PhD, is a professor in the department of kinesiology and physical education and Board of Governors Research Chair (tier II) at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. Her research explores sport, recreation, and leisure experiences from the intersections of historical and sociological inquiry, with a focus on gender and community. Her work has appeared in, among others, Journal of Sport History, Journal of Canadian Studies, and International Review for the Sociology of Sport. She is the author of Queens of the Ice (published by Lorimer). Dr. Adams is the editor of Sport History Review.



    Sport and Recreation in Canadian History sets a new direction for Canadian sport history. Its third-generation contributors challenge earlier categories and trajectories, and they account much more sensitively and comprehensively for the racially and culturally diverse society that Canada has been. They prepare us for the post–Truth and Reconciliation Canada that we urgently need to understand. It’s both illuminating and timely.”
    —Dr. Bruce Kidd, Professor at the University of Toronto

    “The best sport and recreation histories educate us about the past while challenging us to recognize patterned inequities in opportunities for meaningful physical activities as part of broader societal patterns of colonization, privilege and discrimination. This collaborative textbook, Sport and Recreation in Canadian History, written by leading Canadian sport historians, does that, thereby broadening the ways students can know Canadian sport and recreation but also themselves.”
    —Dr. Vicky Paraschak, Professor at the University of Windsor