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Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization With HKPropel Access

Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization With HKPropel Access

$89.00 USD


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    The concept of periodization is not new, with the precursors of periodized training dating back more than 2,000 years ago. But it is now obvious that the holistic development of an athlete encompasses more than their physical and tactical training. Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization is the first book of its kind designed to optimize sport performance by integrating both classic and modern periodization theories with recovery methodologies, nutritional interventions, and athlete monitoring guidelines.

    Written by G. Gregory Haff, a world-leading expert on periodization, Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization incorporates the latest scientific evidence to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to implement planning and programming strategies to enhance physiological adaptations. While other periodization books may discuss training theory, few provide information on how to integrate various training models into the periodization process. Here are just some of the approaches incorporated into Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization:
    • Employing and blending parallel, sequential, and emphasis periodization models to develop athletes
    • Synching recovery strategies with various phases and periods of training to enhance the adaptational process
    • Manipulating nutritional strategies to magnify performance
    • Using and interpreting monitoring data to adjust an athlete’s program in accordance with the periodized plan
    Applicable for athletes at all levels and in any sport, Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization translates the latest research into usable information that directly enhances programming. You will have access to real-world, practical examples and discussions of how to make scientifically sound programming decisions. A glossary of over 400 terms will help you digest the content. Plus, you will find periodization templates and directions on how to use them to create annual training, mesocycle, and microcycle plans. Templates are provided online via HKPropel to help you easily design periodized programs.

    Get the most comprehensive resource about periodization ever written, and use scientific evidence to take your periodization programming to the next level with Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization.

    Earn continuing education credits/units! A continuing education exam that uses this book is also available. It may be purchased separately or as part of a package that includes both the book and exam.

    Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is included with all new print books.


    Reference for strength and conditioning professionals, sport coaches, sport scientists, and other practitioners who design and implement periodized training programs for athletes; textbook for exercise science courses focused on applied strength and conditioning.
    Part I. Foundations of Training Theory
    Chapter 1. The Training Process
    Chapter 2. Energetics and Training
    Chapter 3. Classification of Skills and Types of Training
    Chapter 4. Understanding Training Loads

    Part II. Fundamentals of Periodization
    Chapter 5. Periodization Theory
    Chapter 6. Multiyear and Annual Training Plans
    Chapter 7. Mesocycle and Microcycle Training Plans
    Chapter 8. Training Sessions and Days

    Part III. Advanced Periodization Topics
    Chapter 9. Fatigue, Recovery, and Periodization
    Chapter 10. Periodization of Nutrition
    Chapter 11. Integration of Monitoring Techniques Into Periodized Training Plans
    Chapter 12. Periodization Strategies for Optimal Competition Performance

    Part IV. Training Methods
    Chapter 13. Strength, Power, and Hypertrophy Training
    Chapter 14. High-Intensity Interval Training
    Chapter 15. Speed and Agility Development
    G. Gregory Haff, PhD, CSCS,*D, FNSCA, is a professor of strength and conditioning and the course coordinator for the postgraduate degree in strength and conditioning at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Australia. He has published more than 240 articles, centering his research on performance effects in the areas of strength training methodologies, performance testing, training theory, and nutritional supplementation.

    Haff is a past president of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a senior associate editor for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. He was the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year for Education and Research and the 2011 NSCA William J. Kraemer Outstanding Sport Scientist Award winner. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with distinction (CSCS,*D), a UKSCA-accredited strength and conditioning coach (ASCC), and an accredited Australian Strength and Conditioning Association level 2 strength and conditioning coach.

    Additionally, Haff is a national-level weightlifting coach in the United States and Australia. He serves as a consultant for numerous sporting bodies, including teams in the Australian Football League, Australian Rugby Union, Australian Basketball Association, and National Football League.

    All ancillaries are free to adopting instructors through HKPropel.

    Presentation package. Features PowerPoint slides of text, artwork, and tables from the book that can be used for class discussion and presentation. The slides in the presentation package can be used directly within PowerPoint or printed to make handouts for students. Instructors can easily add, modify, and rearrange the order of the slides.

    Image bank. Includes most of the figures and tables from the text, sorted by chapter. These can be used in developing a customized presentation based on specific course requirements.

    Instructors also receive access to all student materials in HKPropel. For Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization, this includes sample periodization templates and directions on how to use them to create annual training, mesocycle, and microcycle plans. The templates are available as automated Excel files that help you easily design periodized programs.

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