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Fitness for Life - FAQs

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Why was cardiovascular fitness changed to cardiorespiratory endurance in the textbook?

A 2012 report by the independent Institute of Medicine (IOM) (Fitness Measures and Health Outcomes in Youth) recommended the use of the term cardiorespiratory endurance. The IOM is a branch of the National Academy of Sciences. A panel of experts was selected by the IOM to review the literature on the relationship between health and the components of physical fitness, and they chose the term cardiorespiratory endurance for several reasons.Cardiorespiratory refers to the two systems of the body that are important in sustaining long-term physical activity (cardiovascular and respiratory), whereas cardiovascular refers to only one of the two systems. Endurance...

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HIGH SCHOOL: How do I find the interactive iBook in the iBook store or iTunes?

The Fitness for Life interactive iBook works on iPads, so it’s best to use an iPad when searching for the book. Open the iBooks app, tap the Store button, and enter “fitness for life” in the search box. The first results should include the Fitness for Life interactive iBook (released July 15, 2014). Note that the results will include the updated fifth edition (released March 31, 2006), which is not interactive. If you search the iBook store on a phone or other mobile device, the results might not include the interactive iBook because the product can’t be used on those...

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HIGH SCHOOL: How does the Fitness for Life program fit into a school calendar?

Fitness for Life is adaptable to a variety of schedules, including regular schedules, block, A/B block, accelerated block, and yearly integrated plans. The base plan forFitness for Life uses a regular schedule. All other scheduling options are modifications of the base plan. The base plan for Fitness for Life takes one semester (five class periods a week every week). That equates to 90 class periods of 40 to 50 minutes each. Some schools, however, integrate Fitness for Life into a one-year plan (approximately 180 class days). In the base (one-semester) plan, students study one chapter per week. The program has...

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HIGH SCHOOL: I read that the government has rules for how much exercise teens should do. Is this true?

You are correct. Physical activity guidelines (rules) for Americans were published on October 7, 2008. These guidelines were published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The new guidelines are especially important because they are the first guidelines to cover all age groups from children through senior adults. They include guidelines for teens. Fortunately, the authors of Fitness for Life planned ahead, and the information in your textbook is consistent with the new guidelines. So if you use the information in your textbook when you plan an activity program, you will meet the new guidelines for...

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HIGH SCHOOL: Is a syllabus available for Fitness for Life?

Use the following link to download a sample syllabus for Fitness for Life. This editable sample is for a one-semester course that meets five days a week. However, it can be adapted for use in full-year or block classes. Syllabus preparation guidelines are included to allow instructors to customize the syllabus based on local standards and schedules. Syllabus    

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