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Excerpts — Strategic Sport Communication-2nd Edition

Strategic sport communication model

All of the preceding pages in this chapter lead to the formulation of a unified and dynamic model of sport communication. A model can be defined as "a representation of a phenomenon" (Craig, 2013, pp. 46 - 47).

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New sport media: Interactivity and the internet

The phrase "new sport media" incorporates two aspects: sport communication and new media. As discussed in chapter 4, sport communication is the process by which people in sport, in a sport setting, or through a sport endeavor share symbols as they create meaning through interaction.

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Career options for sport communication: Five segments

This chapter describes the five major career segments of sport communication (see figure 2.1): management, media, support services, entertainment, and other opportunities. Consider the Sport Communication at Work profile for this chapter: Where would Nguyen be classified?

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