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Performance Workout Programs

This is an excerpt from Building Muscle and Performance by Nick Tumminello.

The functional-spectrum training system not only allows you to train both your hustle (performance) and your muscle (strength and size) but also can be adjusted easily to emphasize a particular aspect of training. The programs presented here focus on improving overall athleticism and functional capacity.

Here are a few key points to remember when performing the exercises:

Speed Exercises

  • Perform each rep as explosively as possible.
  • If the exercise involves jumping, land as quietly as possible.
  • If the workout calls for throwing a medicine ball (outside or against a solid wall) and your training environment prevents you from doing so; simply choose an alternative, non-medicine ball exercise option from the Total-Body Power Exercises section of chapters 4 through 7. Perform the alternative exercise for roughly the same amount of sets and reps that were recommended for the original exercise.

Strength Exercises

  • While maintaining optimal technique, perform the concentric lifting portion of each rep as forcefully as you can; during the eccentric (lowering) portion, maintain good control.
  • Use a weight load that allows you to perform the indicated number of reps in the fashion described in the preceding point. In each workout, you ensure improvement in strength either by adding weight and performing the same number of reps as in the preceding workout or by performing more reps with the same weight.

Size Exercises

  • Focus on the working muscles in each exercise and maintain strict form without "cheating" by using additional movements or momentum.
  • Perform the concentric lifting portion of each rep at a normal tempo and maintain control during the eccentric (lowering) portion.
  • The set and rep numbers used for exercises in this section are undulated with three schemes. Regardless of the scheme you're on, use a weight load that leaves you unable to perform any more reps than indicated while maintaining proper control and technique.

Cardio Conditioning 

  • If the workout calls for a particular supramaximal interval training (SMIT), steady-state cardio, or metabolic conditioning protocol (MCP) that your training environment prevents you from performing, simply choose a comparable alternative exercise from chapter 3. Perform the alternative exercise for roughly the same amount of reps, rounds, or time that were recommended for the original exercise.
  • Only workouts A and C of each program involve a cardio conditioning component.

Performance Workout Programs (Three to Five Days Per Week)

In the following programs, perform a, b, and c exercises as tri-sets and perform a and b exercises as paired sets. Perform all indicated sets and reps in a given tri-set or paired set before moving on to the next set. If necessary, rest a bit longer than indicated between sets in order to complete the designated number of reps with good control. This program emphasizes movement quality over quantity!

Before you begin each workout in the following programs, be sure to perform one of the dynamic warm-up sequences (of your choice) provided in chapter 8. To help you personalize these workouts to best fit you, refer to chapter 12.

Performance Workout Program 1



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