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Marketing and Exhibits Manager

Job Summary:

The Marketing and Exhibits Manager is responsible for marketing programs related to his or her assigned subject areas. This includes planning, implementing, and analyzing results for a wide variety of promotion efforts; helping the marketing director develop marketing strategies and tactics for assigned subject areas; and making recommendations for additional revenue-generating opportunities based on analyses of market, sales, and customer data. The Marketing and Exhibits Manager also facilitates planning, budgeting, and implementation for Human Kinetics' conference exhibits across subject areas and divisions, collaborating with other marketing and division staff as appropriate. He or she also collaborates with the marketing exhibits and data management associate to ensure that the associate implements assigned administrative tasks related to conference exhibits.

Throughout the job description, terms like "optimal quality," "established procedures," and "HK professional standards" are references to qualities such as timeliness; accuracy; clear communication; strong organizational, recordkeeping, and interpersonal skills; and effectiveness in meeting objectives.


Essential Function 1 (Weight 10%): Assist the marketing director in developing the annual HPERD strategic marketing plan and organizing efforts to implement that plan.
a. Develop knowledge of audiences, products, sales channels, and promotion methods for assigned subject areas through inter-departmental information gathering and ongoing research.
b. Collect relevant information from department and division staff during ITMP meetings in order to incorporate new products into overall promotion efforts within assigned subject areas.
c. Keep abreast of market trends and opportunities in assigned subject areas and share information with all stakeholders to help guide ongoing marketing plans.


Essential Function 2 (Weight 20%): Implement marketing projects in assigned subject areas using multiple promotion methods (e-mail, social media, direct mail, digital advertising, sales collateral, and more) according to established procedures and HK professional standards.
a. Assist marketing director with planning individual promotions as needed.
b. Manage associated project schedules and budgets.
c. Communicate effectively with marketing director and stakeholders in relevant departments, divisions, and subsidiaries to obtain consensus on specific promotion efforts.
d. Coordinate with higher ed and K-12 sales staff to ensure promotion efforts support their objectives.
e. Implement projects according to established procedures and HK professional standards to ensure optimal efficiency, accuracy, timeliness, and quality of finished project. Examples include but are not limited to the following:
1. Produce regularly scheduled promotional e-newsletters other scheduled email promotions for assigned subject areas.
2. Establish and maintain schedule of regular social media posts about products and topics of interest to audiences in assigned subject areas. (Responsibility shared with marketing director.)
3. Implement paid social and other digital advertising efforts based on annual strategic marketing plan and related project schedule. (Responsibility shared with marketing director.)
4. Produce direct mail print brochures and catalogs for assigned subject areas.
f. Analyze and report on results of promotion efforts to help guide future marketing efforts. (Responsibility shared with marketing director and other marketing staff.)


Essential Function 3 (Weight 20%): Complete single-title “ITMP” promotion efforts for products in assigned subject areas.
a. Add individual title promotion efforts from ITMP meeting into marketing plan schedule and update schedule on an ongoing basis.
b. Implement single title email promotions for new releases and other email promotions for products in assigned subject areas.
c. Produce single title promotional flyers and journal ads as needed, working with Marketing Graphic Design (MGD) staff.
d. Produce support materials for higher ed sales and K-12 sales efforts as needed.
e. Produce and upload website content with assistance from MGD and other staff as appropriate, including product description and metadata, ancillary material descriptions, excerpts, video clips, sample pages, articles, and merchandising features.
f. Work with marketing director, MGD, and Tech Group staff as needed to monitor and update collections on website for assigned subject areas.
g. Monitor external websites of major resellers and Barnes & to ensure uploads of product descriptions and cover images are appearing in a timely manner.
h. Send Author Marketing Questionnaires (AMQs) to authors; follow up with authors to ensure AMQs are returned; review AMQs and follow up on promotion opportunities identified by authors as appropriate, in consultation with marketing director and other HK staff.
i. Send marketing summary (marketing, sales, and publicity overview) documents to authors for forthcoming titles in a timely manner.


Essential Function 4 (Weight 25%): Serve as an expert resource on conference events and take lead role in developing annual conference exhibit schedule across all subject areas.
a. Work with marketing managers for assigned subject areas, marketing directors, and sales and division staff to develop list of proposed conference exhibits for across all subject areas.
b. Initiate and facilitate the planning and approval process. Provide budget estimates for known events to aid approval of overall conference exhibit schedule and annual marketing budget. Enlist marketing managers to obtain necessary details regarding date, location, and costs associated with any new or uncommon events proposed by marketing or other staff.
c. Help staff at least one conference exhibit annually as budgets and staffing levels allow.


Essential Function 5 (Weight 25%): Initiate seasonal planning meetings for conference exhibits once schedule is approved; develop detailed plans and manage overall implementation for each event.
a. Consult with marketing manager for relevant subject area to create draft booklist for each event, then share with other stakeholders to incorporate their input.
b. Develop marketing checklist for each event to gain consensus on relevant issues such as display signs, special considerations for authors and staff presenting at the event, local authors, special offers, etc. Recommend tactics to promote HK products to their best advantage at each event.
c. Create materials list for each event.
d. Coordinate with marketing, sales, and division staff as needed to determine staffing for each event.
e. Train personnel staffing each event as needed; meet with staff prior to each event to go over packet of materials for the event and any special considerations.
f. Be available on-call for personnel staffing each conference exhibit to troubleshoot issues that may arise.
g. Monitor inventory and condition of tradeshow supplies; recommend improvements and replacements as needed.
h. Work with Finance staff to ensure that tradeshow procedures follow PCI compliance regulations.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  The marketing and exhibits manager does not have supervisory responsibilities but needs to be able to coordinate efforts with other marketing staff when collaborating on projects.


Communicate effectively in English, in verbal and written form, as part of regular interaction with other staff.
Work cooperatively and independently within a team environment to fulfill job responsibilities and help the marketing department meet its objectives.
Take direction well and follow assigned tasks through to completion with minimal supervision.
Be able to give clear directions and be able to answer questions from associates.
Ask appropriate questions and seek help from others when appropriate to complete job duties effectively.
Work cooperatively with other departments and divisions in the company.

Possess excellent editing and proofreading skills.
Manage multiple priorities effectively.
Have excellent analytical and organizational skills.
Have a high degree of accuracy in work and attention to detail.
Use problem-solving skills to determine best course action needed to meet job objectives.
Take initiative to identify tasks/projects to be done and problems to be solved in order to fulfill job duties.
Have an overall understanding of the physical education, health education, and dance areas.
Possess working knowledge of basic marketing and advertising concepts and techniques in order to formulate sound marketing strategies.

Must be able to operate computer keyboard with minimum efficiency equal to 40 wpm accurate typing ability.
Limited travel to trade shows.
Must be able to set up a display at a trade show including moving boxes of books.

Work Environment:

Standard office environment.

Must be able to operate computer keyboard and other standard office equipment


Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business, English, Journalism, or other communications-related field is required. Knowledge in fields of physical education and sports is a plus.

Professional experience in advertising, marketing, public relations, business, or communication-related field.
Three to five years’ experience managing promotion efforts particularly mail promotions or internet is preferred.

Credit Card Security
This position will have access to customer credit card data and must comply with all policies and procedures designed to keep that data from being compromised.