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Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC)

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Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) are the core of implementing Physical Activity for
Health. Whilst these are usually associated with interventions with physical disorders they
have an equally important role to play in the care of those with mental health issues.
Research has revealed the increased probability of early death and chronic physical illness in
those with an existing mental health condition. Evidence now demonstrates the negative
impact of physical health care in one department and mental health care in another with little
communication between the two. The future is an integrated health approach and this
webinar demonstrates why.


Following the webinar attendees were be able to:

  • Identify the physical health implications of mental illness
  • Describe key psychological benefits associated with physical activities
  • Describe theories about why exercise enhances mental health
  • Describe use of exercise as treatment for depression
  • Describe how to implement a treatment plan for those with mental health issues

Susan van Scoyoc is a consultant psychologist, a qualified gym instructor and was awarded
‘Practitioner of the Year’ by the British Psychological Society in 2013. She has specialist
qualifications in health psychology and an interest in the role of physical exercise as a
treatment option for mental health issues. It is Susan’s belief that we must stop regarding
physical and mental health as separate entities and instead provide an integrated approach to