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Enhanced e-book versions available for Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis

With an integrated text and video combination, Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis With Online Video is the premier resource dedicated to running mechanics and injury prevention. Referencing over 250 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, this text provides a comprehensive review of the research and clinical concepts related to gait and injury analysis.


Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis With Online Video supplies professionals with an expansive array of clinical applications. Physical therapists and athletic trainers will come away with an understanding of ways to build on standard practice, while runners, coaches, and personal trainers will gain a new appreciation for the performance benefits that gait analysis can provide. The text has the following features:

  • 33 embedded video clips demonstrate 15 of the biomechanical patterns discussed in the text
  • A discussion of the complexities of running biomechanics as they relate to muscular strength, flexibility, and anatomical alignment for the purpose of providing an advanced clinical assessment of gait
  • Guidelines for assessing, treating, and preventing a range of common and not-so-common running injuries
  • A detailed analysis of running biomechanics to help professionals identify the interactions of the kinetic chain and the causes of overuse injuries
  • Documented clinical examples to help practitioners apply the wealth of information in the book to their own practice


Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis With Online Video is the most comprehensive resource for running-related research. Readers will come away armed with the knowledge and tools to perform an advanced clinical assessment of gait and rehabilitate and prevent running injuries.


The enhanced e-book is available for purchase at Amazon's Kindle store, Apple's iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble for NOOK.