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Be a supplement-savvy athlete with The Athlete's Guide to Sports Supplements book and Sports Supplements app

The Athlete's Guide to Sports Supplements includes the latest information on a variety of popular supplements. For athletes and sport professionals, it is the most credible evidence-based guide available.“

Tom Myslinski
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jacksonville Jaguars


The Athlete's Guide to Sports Supplements offers grounded insight for athletes."
Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS
Past President, Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association Ambassador


"The Athlete's Guide to Sports Supplements is an indispensable resource for any athlete considering the use of supplements."
Matt Fitzgerald
Author of The Runner's Edge



A countless number of new, renamed, and variations of sport supplements flood the market each year. Many of these are accompanied by slick marketing campaigns promising too-good-to-be-true results. For athletes seeking a safe, effective edge to their training and performance, supplements can be a confusing and serious matter. The Athlete's Guide to Sports Supplements separates fact from fiction, provides quick answers to the most common questions, and delivers information you can trust.


For each of the 120+ supplement listings, you'll discover what it is, how it works, potential performance benefits, research studies and outcomes, dosage recommendations, and possible health concerns. You'll also find recommendations for master's athletes, those competing in extreme environments, and those with special dietary needs, such as food allergies, diabetes, and vegetarian. Best of all, each supplement is listed alphabetically, providing quick and easy navigation throughout the book. Alternatively, use the supplement finder to locate supplements for a particular purpose, such as recovery, endurance, and strength. And for ease of searching, many of the supplements are thoroughly cross-referenced by scientific and popular names.


With more than 120 supplements, recommendations for all athletes at all levels, and expert advice that you can immediately apply, The Athlete's Guide to Sports Supplements is the one training and performance resource you'll turn to again and again.



Chapter 1 Understanding Supplements

Chapter 2 Keys to Peak Performance

Chapter 3 A-to-Z Supplement Guide

Chapter 4 Supplements for Special Groups and Environments


If you'd also like to be able to access this information on-the-go, then the Sports Supplements mobile app is just what you need. This iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad-compatible app provides detailed descriptions of 9 vitamins and minerals, 10 proteins and amino acids, 9 carbohydrates and fatty acids, and 21 different herbs and botanicals. Professional supplement recommendations for over 15 specific sports and activities, including endurance sports, basketball, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts & wrestling, and track & field, make Sports Supplements the app that trainers and athletes will use over and over again to enhance athletic performance.